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Saw Palmetto Honey

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

This ground scrub Palm (Serenoa repens) grows wild throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama. It is called saw palmetto, as it has small thorns that look like saw teeth on each side of the Palm frawn stem.buy Gourmet Honey Now Walking through the saw Palmetto could cause slicing right through your pants and flesh. This palm has a small trunk that lays on the ground and tilts 90° for the very small palm head to stand erect.

The saw Palmetto has been known in the natural remedy world for its herbal oil that is derived from the Palmetto Berry and used as a supplement for prostate enlargement. The gathering of these berries in recent times has caused gathers to be prosecuted for trespassing as the palmetto berry price nears five dollars a pound.

The blossom from the saw Palmetto is the source of a nectar that is not produced anywhere else in the world. Palmetto honey is the premier gourmet honey and has a flavor that can only be described by the taster. It has a distinct floral bouquet and an equally fine finish that would be used to describe a marvelous wine.

In the late 1960s, developers started clearing land for homes and businesses, slowly migrating inland from the coast of Florida, consuming palmettos by the thousands of acres. An acre of palmettos may take 50 to 75 years to grow to the maturity of producing marketable palmetto honey. Each year, the acres of palmettos shrink and the volume of palmetto honey goes down.

This unique gourmet honey, may one day be referred to only in fond memories. At the present, this premier honey graces the table of many native Floridians, a few gourmet chefs and some vacationers. Most Palmetto honey is consumed within the region that it is produced leaving little to be exported outside the tri-state area.

Palmetto honey ranges from light amber in color to amber, and has a water content of 15 to 17%. This mild and marvelous flavored honey has little or no aftertaste and granulates slower than most honey’s.

Experience the royal nectar of Saw Palmetto honey, purchased today!

Palmetto honey has become the perfect inclusion for gift givers. The honey gift is warmly received, tastes good for a moderate price. Surprise a friend with a honey of a gift that you can bet they haven’t received before and the recipient will love the taste!

Palmetto honey tea:
1 cup of hot water
1 teaspoon apple cider
stir and place a small leaf of spearmint in the tea.

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A Hive of Honey Bees

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

We know that bees have been producing honey as they do today for at least 100 million years. Bees produce honey as food stores for the hive during the long months of winter when flowers aren’t blooming and therefore little or no nectar is available to them.buy Gourmet Honey Now European honey bees, genus Apis Mellifera, produce such an abundance of honey, far more than the hive can eat, that humans can harvest the excess. For this reason, European honey bees can be found in beekeeper’s hives around the world!

Honey bees are social insects, with a marked division of labor between the various types of bees in the colony. A colony of honey bees includes a queen, drones and workers.

The queen is the only sexually developed female in the hive. She is the largest bee in the colony. The life span of a queen bee is around 5 years, of which she can produce eggs, at its best, for the first 2 years. A productive queen can lay 2500 eggs in a single day, out of which 90% is female.

Workers feed the queen and larvae, guard the hive entrance and help to keep the hive cool by fanning their wings. Worker bees also collect nectar to make honey. Honey bees’ wings stroke 11,400 times per minute, thus making their distinctive buzz.

There can be 100,000 air miles in a pound of honey.

One gallon of honey corresponds to 12 pounds.

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