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Blackberry Honey, the premier nectar!

Wednesday, September 06th, 2006

Blackberry honey can be harvested in many states. However the mother load of blackberry honey comes from the Pacific Northwest where blackberries grow wild to a point of nuisance. buy Gourmet Honey NowOld farmsteads have been known to “just disappear” under the growth of blackberries.

Rubus laciniatus, the evergreen blackberry, is considered an invasive species but for the beeman of the Pacific Northwest this vine produces one of the finest gourmet honeys of the world. Blackberry honey has a robust flavor with a hint of fruit taste but like most honeys it does not taste like the fruit that it was gathered from.

Blackberry honey is very flavor specific and has a specific unique flavor that cannot be confused with any other honey. This flavor will depend on the geographic location the honey is made in and can vary in color and taste due to the climatic and weather conditions from year to year. Once you have tasted blackberry honey, nothing will take its place. You will ask specifically for the premier nectar of blackberry honey!

Most supermarket honey is bottled from a cooperative and is a combination of many different honeys, with half of the blend imported from China and South America. The floral essences are cooked away with high heat and the natural enzymes are killed. Although by law “100% honey” one gets the idea that all honey tastes the same. That thought could not be further from the truth, just as all wine does not taste the same, all vegetables do not taste the same, neither do all honeys taste the same!

Experience the wonders of gourmet honeys, sample three different honeys and you will agree, the finest are bottled separately.

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Red Raspberry Honey

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) is a sweet, tart compact berry that grows on a cane like stem similar to blackberries. This domesticated cane is not a berry at all but is an aggregate fruit that is now grown commercially for fresh market and commercial processing buy Gourmet Honey Nowsuch as jellies, jams and sauces. The commercial growing of raspberries produces an ideal opportunity to gather the honey from its floral source. Raspberries are a major honey nectar source that produces a wonderful gourmet honey.

Although raspberries will grow in most areas of the northern hemishere, the huge commercial raspberry fields are located in the Pacific Northwest, Atlantic Northeast and some central northern sates. Raspberry honey like most monofloral honey must be harvested immediately as other flowers blooming at the end of the raspberry bloom could mix with the raspberry nectar causing another taste entirely.

Raspberry has another unique quality that is a delicious bonus. Raspberry honey will cream (turn solid with honey crystals) in a very short time after harvest. This wonderful creamed honey is marvelous on muffins, toast or in tea. If you prefer raspberry honey to return to a liquid, this can be accomplished by setting the honey container in warm water for about 30 minutes. The microwave can be used to reverse the creaming of honey as well. Take off any metal or plastic caps, set the timer on short intervals of no more than 20 seconds, watch that the honey does not boil or overheat as it will overflow the container.

Raspberry gourmet honey is seldom tasted by the connoisseur because of the scarcity of this honey harvest. Once you have experienced this delight, you will seek out this gourmet honey and claim it as a pantry “reserve”. Early fall is the best time to find the “new crop” of raspberry honey. When you find a retailer that has raspberry honey, let them know you want this gourmet honey as soon as it becomes available, as it sells rapidly and after supplies are sold will not be replenished until the next year.

If you are looking for the best gourmet gift, consider Raspberry Honey! If you taste it first, you may not give it away. If you give raspberry honey as a gift you can rest assured that the gift will be well received, remembered, but most of all, enjoyed!

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Tupelo Honey the Gourmet Gift

Monday, September 18th, 2006

The Apalachicola River Basin has become known as the Tupelo Honey Capital of the world. Wewahitchka, FL, locally called “Wewa”, is the unofficial town to represent the origin of this premier gourmet honey. Wewa adjoins the Apalachicola and Chipola riversbuy Gourmet Honey Now in north Florida near Panama City. This area of Florida is one of the few areas that Ogeechee Tupelo grows profusely enough to harvest tupelo as a monofloral honey.

The tupelo tree, Nyssa ogeche, or White Ogeechee Tupelo ranges from the borders of South Carolina near the coast, transversing the Ogeechee Valley of Georgia following through Clay County in northern Florida and ending in Washington County in western Florida. The tupelo name originates from the native Indian Creek words ‘opelwu’ for ‘swamp’ and ‘eto’ for ‘tree’. The tupelo only thrives in swamp conditions similar to the habitat of the bald cypress.

Tupelo is a varietal honey, which means it has only one flower source that the nectar is gathered from. The pure white tupelo honey is produced only in the Florida panhandle commercially. Due to land development, drought, changing river hydrology, exotic pests, and changing world climate, the annual tupelo honey harvest appears to be shrinking.

Tupelo honey is gathered from platforms in the water to support the beehives and near the groves of tupelo trees. The degree of difficulty to harvest the 70 pound honey boxes increases while harvesting from boats or waders.

Tupelo honey is the number one gourmet honey worldwide, not because of the degree of difficulty to harvest, but the TASTE! White tupelo honey has a translucent amber color with a slightly iridescent highlight. The flavor is so identifiable that it is compared to having the aroma of a floral bouquet, a slight taste of fruit and a finish on the palate that is smooth and pleasant. Tupelo is considered the sweetest of all honeys. Tupelo honey with an analysis of 44.03% Levulose and 29.98% dextrose will not granulate because of the high levulose content.

Gourmet Tupelo honey is one of the most expensive honeys to harvest. However this honey is one of the wonders of the natural world. One should experience the tupelo taste that the Pharaohs missed. When sending gifts, remember, the best received gift is a gormet gift, THAT TASTE GOOD!

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Yellow Star Thistle Honey

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

In the early 1800s a migration occurred that eventually resulted in the settling of 46 American states. The nonnative wildflower, yellow star-thistle (Centaurea solstitialis), moved silently into America. Known as knapweed, it was not liked by ranchersbuy Gourmet Honey Now but is adored by honey enthusiasts and has been discovered as a nectar source producing one of the premium gourmet honeys that has recently been voted “America’s favorite honey”.

Star Thistle blooms in mid-summer, and is found in a few states in large enough concentrations to harvest as a floral honey designate. The yellow flower is guarded by very pointed leaves that appear as spikes. The star-thistle is a copious nectar producer. This major honey producing plant produces abundant light amber nectar making it a favorite with the bees, and the honey connoisseur. So much nectar is produced by this light yellow flowered prickly plant that butterflies, moths and insects converge on the blooming fields to gorge on the heavenly nectar flow.

California and Michigan produce enough star-thistle honey to entice thousands of tasters to enjoy this mild, light golden amber, sweet as candy, fragrant taste that is perfume to the palate, gourmet delight! The taste is so extravagant that it is claimed “away with the tea, I’ll take the star thistle honey straight!” Others insist starthistle honey should be delivered from a silver spoon, savored with no other food or drink and only mixed with soothing enchanting music…

Star Thistle Honey, Experience this signature gourmet honey today!

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Fireweed Honey, the “Champagne” of Gourmet Honey

Saturday, September 02nd, 2006

In the process of forest management, nature burns the undergrowth, and a renewal process begins with fireweed. This wildflower is one of the first recovery growth plants after a forest fire. buy Gourmet Honey NowIt grows to over 6 feet tall and has a beautiful scarlet/lavender bouquet that blooms for over a week.

Fireweed is listed in the family of Onagracae plants. Fireweed is also referred to as a “pioneer plant” because it is quick to grow back in burned areas. After a fire, fireweed will flourish and produce honey for about two or three years. New shrubs, brush and small trees soon crowd out the fireweed and a new burn cycle will occur before fireweed can grow from seed in the area again.

Fireweed grows further north than any other major honey plant. Fireweed has adapted to climates from mountain heights to coastal plains, from Alaska to California. The Pacific Northwest has ideal climate conditions for this royal premium honey producing plant. The higher in elevation the honey is collected in the hive, the clearer the honey color. Some fireweed honey can be as colorless as water. The weather plays a very important role in fine fireweed honey production. The fireweed nectar flow occurs only when the humidity is less than 50%. Fireweed may start blooming as early as June at sea level and continue to bloom as late as September, in high mountain areas of Mount Hood, Mount Baker and following the Cascade Mountain range far into Canada to Alaska. The annual production of fireweed honey ALWAYS is regulated by fire and weather. Without fires and good weather, fireweed cannot be collected in commercial quantities. So every year may not be a good “fireweed honey” year!

Natives to Alaska claim that, when the seeds of the fireweed turn cottony, and begin to float on the air, winter isn’t far behind. The local proverb also claims that the height of the fireweed bloom stalk will indicate how severe the winter will be. The taller the fireweed blooms the harder the winter is anticipated.

Oregon, Washington, Alaska and British Columbia have inherited this beautiful wildflower as national treasures, that leaves behind a “nectar from the heavens”. Fireweed honey has been identified for over a hundred years as the “champagne of honey’s”. Like the phoenix the fireweed raises from the ashes to produce a beautiful flower that the honeybee turns into one of the finest gourmet honeys ever isolated and sold as an individual floral honey.

The fireweed honey is almost colorless, a bouquet fragrance, a silky smooth texture, and has a nice light fruit finish. Fireweed honey is very slow to crystallize (and the slow process of turning from honey in two sugar crystals, the honey is not hurt in any way and can been brought back to complete honey by setting the jar in a pan of warm water for about 30 minutes, and do not boil, the temperature of about 110° is ideal, place the water on your wrist, if it is warm and comfortable then the water is just right.)

Gourmet Fireweed Honey

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Honey Bees Aren't the Only Insect to Produce Nectar, Says Ecologist  Inverse

There are seven species of Apis honey bee in the world, all of them native to Asia, Europe, and Africa. Apis mellifera, the western honey bee, is the species ...

Guns N' Roses, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, A Day To Remember, Halestorm, Staind Reunion and more Announced for Louder Than Life Festival  Music Mayhem Magazine

Louder Than Life, the World's Largest Rock 'N' Roll Whiskey Festival, returns to Louisville, KY even bigger and better in its fifth year, with festival producers ...

The Benefits Of Beekeeping  WGRZ.com

EAST AURORA, N.Y. — This is the sound of nature at work. The sound of agriculture. The sound of cooperation. Honeybees are not native to North America, but ...

Fake honey products - producers in a sticky situation  Lexology

Australia's largest honey company, Capilano, is one of the retail brands stung for producing adulterated honey products sold in Australian retail…

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