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Gourmet Honey 580 889 6486

Yellow Star Thistle Honey

In the early 1800s a migration occurred that eventually resulted in the settling of 46 American states. The nonnative wildflower, yellow star-thistle (Centaurea solstitialis), moved silently into America. Known as knapweed, it was not liked by ranchersbuy Gourmet Honey Now but is adored by honey enthusiasts and has been discovered as a nectar source producing one of the premium gourmet honeys that has recently been voted “America’s favorite honey”.

Star Thistle blooms in mid-summer, and is found in a few states in large enough concentrations to harvest as a floral honey designate. The yellow flower is guarded by very pointed leaves that appear as spikes. The star-thistle is a copious nectar producer. This major honey producing plant produces abundant light amber nectar making it a favorite with the bees, and the honey connoisseur. So much nectar is produced by this light yellow flowered prickly plant that butterflies, moths and insects converge on the blooming fields to gorge on the heavenly nectar flow.

California and Michigan produce enough star-thistle honey to entice thousands of tasters to enjoy this mild, light golden amber, sweet as candy, fragrant taste that is perfume to the palate, gourmet delight! The taste is so extravagant that it is claimed “away with the tea, I’ll take the star thistle honey straight!” Others insist starthistle honey should be delivered from a silver spoon, savored with no other food or drink and only mixed with soothing enchanting music…

Star Thistle Honey, Experience this signature gourmet honey today!

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