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Gourmet Honey 580 889 6486

Basting for Chicken Recipe

Honey Ricpe for Basting for Chicken

Submitted by Mrs. Roy S. Weaver Jr.
Navasota, Texas
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one quarter cup soy sauce,
one quarter cup fresh lemon juice,
one quarter cup butter, not margarine,
one quarter cup honey.

Combine in small saucepan and heat, But do not boil. Baste several times during cooking. Use for basting roasting chicken, baked chicken parts or barbecue.

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Dutch scientists say they can create swarms of bee-like drones to take over if the insects die out.

In the absence of bees, flies are responsible for pollination in the Arctic region  Phys.Org

Mikko Tiusanen, MSc, in his doctoral dissertation, investigated the structure and functioning of plants and their pollinators in Arctic regions.

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