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Tupelo Honey, Will the Real Tupelo Honey Please Stand Up

Tuesday, April 03rd, 2007

tupelo honey Tupelo honey was the first real “McCoy”; There is a Tupelo Mississippi, a Tupelo Honey in Ulee’s Gold hit movie, a Tupelo Honey lyrics by Van Morrison, a restaurant called Tupelo Honey at Sea Cliff New York,buy Gourmet Honey Now a tupelo honey café in North Carolina and another in London and a television Tupelo Honey Productions, but the original Tupelo Honey is a wonderful honey made by honeybees in the Panhandle of Florida in and around “Wewa” (Wewahitchka).

Tupelo honey is produced in the sloughs and shallow waters in and around the Chipola and Apalachicola rivers of Northwest Florida. The honey hives are placed on raised platforms to keep the bees from being flooded while they harvest an early April tupelo honey nectar flow. This is a difficult and expensive prerequisite in harvesting honey over the water. Van Morrison Tupelo Honey lyrics leave out this laborious and dangerous task of farming bees. Ulee’s Gold movie sheds more light on the real tupelo honey than any of the other imposters.

There is another Black tupelo honey gum tree that blooms before the White Tupelo. White tupelo gum tree produces the Ulee’s Gold Tupelo Honey highlighted in the movie. Gourmet tupelo honey must be harvested at the exact precise time to prevent mixing of other honeys. Tupelo honey boxes cannot be put on the beehive until the white tupelo gum tree begins to bloom. This is accomplished by taking all honey boxes off the beehive that have been filled with “other honey” that comes into the beehive before tupelo honey. This exercise is time consuming, costly and the precise action that keeps the tupelo honey pure. Another exact timing move by the beekeeper is made when the tupelo honey flow is over. When the tupelo flower blooms start falling to the water, the freshly filled honey boxes must be removed to keep successive “other honey” from being mixed with the pure tupelo honey. Now sing, Van Morrison Tupelo Honey.

The imposters, Tupelo Honey Van Morrison, Ulee’s Gold Tupelo Honey, Tupelo Mississippi and the endless entities capitalizing on Tupelo Honey pale in comparison to the genuine taste of tupelo honey made by honeybees in Wewa Florida!

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