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Raw Honey Source

Tuesday, February 05th, 2008

Raw Honey is desired by many and rarely found in the marketplace. Raw honey is a perishable product and is sold soon after harvest. There are exceptions to raw honey being sold just in the fall.buy Gourmet Honey Now Honey has live enzymes that are valued as healers, promote good health and aid in the digestion process. So why is raw honey perishable? Yeast! Airborne yeast spores are everywhere on the planet including the Arctic. Some airborne yeast spores enter the honey when it is processed. The honey that is in the honeycomb and sealed COULD also have yeast spores. Yeast can cause the honey to ferment. Fermentation will ruin the honey. The solution to reliable sources of raw honey is in choosing a beekeeper that has CLEAN processing facility and one who stores capped honey still in the honeycomb to just before sale.

If you buy comb honey there is a 100% assurance that your honey is “raw”! If the comb honey is surrounded by liquid honey there is a 90% chance that the liquid honey is pasteurized. If the beekeeper has stored raw honey in the comb until just before selling the raw honey, there is a less chance of airborne spores contaminating the raw honey. This is one way that raw honey is sold after the fall harvest. If your beekeeper elects to offer comb honey, please realize what happened in his beehive. It takes over 8 pounds of honey to produce a pound of wax. All comb honey is sold in “new wax”, wax made the same year as the honey. Wax comb is normally reused every year, and will result in more honey to the beekeeper as no honey was used in wax production. These methods of caring for raw honey are deliberate extra work details for the beekeeper. If it is extra work then of course the price per pound of honey will go up. Is the extra money paid for raw honey worth it? Absolutely! The benefit to the body and your good health is the same as eating raw vegetables compared to eating over cooked vegetables. Raw honey has more nutrients, vitamins and enzymes than pasteurized honey.

Processing raw honey is the most expensive feats of processing honey. The honey does not exceed 125°. The viscosity of honey at this temperature does not allow the honey to flow as freely as 150° pasteurized honey. The honey will not flow freely through a commercial filter so the raw honey slowly runs through a strainer allowing pollen and some wax particles to be included in the raw honey. This is not an unhealthy issue but the clarity issue of raw honey will be less than the commercially processed honey. The taste of raw honey is fabulous! The floral nuances are preserved with a smell of freshness. If you get a chance to hug your beekeeper, do so and tell them how much you appreciate the EXTRA they do to bring you RAW HONEY. Your beekeeper can be stung an average of 3 times a day all summer long while plying the beekeeping trade.

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Raw Honey and still Gourmet?

Sunday, February 03rd, 2008

Raw honey is a honey that has not been pasteurized. Gourmet honey is a honey gathered from one source of flowers, processed separately from all other honey and bottled so that the honey can be enjoyed as a gourmet monofloral honey. buy Gourmet Honey NowThe first question is usually how do you get the bees to not mix the honey? Honey is gathered from the flowers that are flowing with nectar. All flowers do not produce nectar at the same time of day or the same time of year. The bees naturally store only one kind of honey in each honey cell. It becomes the beekeeper’s chore to know when the flower that is producing gourmet nectar is blooming, and then remove that box of honey when the floral source is finished. This is EXTRA WORK for the beekeeper! This is why each gourmet honey has its own taste, like wine, all honey DOES NOT taste the same.

Raw honey is preferred over pasteurized honey because the raw honey has all its natural enzymes that aid digestion and good health. The reason a beekeeper would not store all his honey as raw honey is the raw honey has airborne spores in it that could in time cause the honey to ferment. The honey would then have to be dumped. Most honey worldwide is cooked to 140° and is no longer a raw honey. This pasteurization of honey allows the sealed honey to be stored at 60° for at least 3 years without spoilage. Honey that crystallizes (turns solid) has not spoiled. All honey will crystallize, but can be returned to the liquid state by warming the glass bottle of honey in warm water not to exceed 125°.

Raw Gourmet Honey is one huge step further than just unpasteurized honey. Keeping the single flower source honey separate from all the other honey that the bees bring into the hive is a vigilant task performed by the beekeeper. Much more time and trips to the apiary are required in addition to labeling stored honey supers at the honey-house before extracting. If the beekeeper was to sell raw gourmet honey for $15 a pound it would still be a wonderful price compared to the costly efforts that went into presenting Gourmet Raw Honey to the consumer!

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COUNCIL-owned green spaces and grass verges won't be cut so often as part of a policy to protect bees and other insects.

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Half of Vermont bumble bee species gone or in peril, study shows  vtdigger.org

Listed as threatened in Vermont, the yellow-banded bumble bee (Bombus terricola) nectars joe pye weed. Photo courtesy/copyright K.P. McFarland/Vermont ...

The Name, the Pin, and the Bee  USDA.gov

She leans over her dead subject and deftly pushes a pin through its body, securing it to the foam below. To be clear, this is not about a morgue or a serial killer.

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American foulbrood is an infectious disease that devastates honeybee hives. Scientists say they've created a vaccine for it, despite a big hurdle: Bees don't have ...

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A number of startups are working around the clock to find tech-rooted solutions to the bee-pocalypse.

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Work in progress to replace drones with bees  DunyaNews Pakistan

(Web Desk) – Researchers at the University of Washington have designed wireless sensors for bees, in an effort to solve the issue of poor battery life on drones.

Finnish Scientists Create World's First Vaccine to Save Threatened Honeybees  LIVEKINDLY

A team of Finnish scientists has developed a new vaccine that could help to save populations of honeybees from fatal bacterial diseases.

UVM researcher shows how to save wild bees and grow better blueberries  BurlingtonFreePress.com

University of Vermont study shows how to save bees and the environment while improving crops, specifically berries.

At Least 1 Million Bees Found Dead in Cape Town  EcoWatch

Beekeepers in and around Cape Town, South Africa are facing significant losses of their pollinators in recent weeks. The mass deaths have been linked to an ...

Benefit of wildflower-rich field margins confirmed as bees found to give 39% yield lift in field courgettes  Horticulture Week

Crop yields were 39% higher when pollinator insects like honey bees and buff-tailed bumblebees were present than when they were excluded, the study led by ...

Fruit and veg production keeps Phil as busy as a bee  Gatton Star

While most people will associate bee keepers with honey, many are unaware of the vital role they play in fruit and vegetable production.

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Newswanders featured in campaign  The Herald Journal

5ob and Michael Newswander, Preston, are being featured in a national drive to encourage Americans to know who their honey comes from. Amongst the 270 ...

The Buzz on Honey and Pollination Services with Declining Pollinators  PR Web

(PRWEB) December 17, 2018 -- According to a World Economic Forum article, over 75% of food crops depend on pollination by bees and butterflies. Pollination ...

Bethel Park students’ 3D-printed honeycombs help cause of bees  The Almanac

High school science teacher Alex Winschel wants to curtail the population decline of the vital insects.

Could the world's first bee vaccine save honeybees?  Daily Mail

Called PrimeBEE, it is designed to protect bees from American foulbrood, a bacterial disease that has been wiping out entire colonies.

Louisiana beekeepers say honey bee population is dwindling  KPLC

80 percent of the food we eat is dependent on insects for pollinating, Most of it is done by honey bees.

Possible benefits and drawbacks of research into mechanical bees  Canora Courier

By pure happenstance a post came across my social media feed last week regarding mechanical bees. The thought of tiny robots the size of bees immediately ...

What “Bee Services” Can Different Temperate Lowland Ecosystems Really Provide?  Science Trends

The natural environment delivers many goods and services that human beings cannot manage without. Health, energy, and safety are just a few of the basic.

Researchers find some honeybees are part male and part female with up to FOUR parents  Daily Mail

In a paper published to the journal Biology Letters, researchers from the University of Sydney have revealed new insight on the remarkable nature of honeybees ...

Mistletoe supports animal life  Arizona Daily Sun

If you celebrate Christmas, mistletoe may seem like an essential part of the season. For many animals, however, mistletoe plants truly are a necessary part of ...

Industrial Hemp Farms Can Save Bees from Starvation, Study Suggests  LIVEKINDLY

Vegan edibles featuring CBD or cannabis are helping to save starving bees, according to research out of Colorado, the nation's leader in hemp production.

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Students in the UC San Diego chapter of the California Public Interest Research Group held a small press event on Tuesday, Nov. 20, highlighting the necessity ...

First Vaccine for Honey Bees Developed in Finland  Growing Produce

Bloomberg reports scientists at the University of Helsinki have developed the first vaccine to protect honey bees against microbial infections. Advertisement ...

North Trail Elementary students test pollinators  Farmington Independent

Katie Bellmont, science specialist at North Trail Elementary, led the science pollination lesson with a classroom full of first-graders sitting in small groups.

Plan Bee: The Rise of Alternative Pollinators  The New York Times

Honeybees are under siege, straining the business of farming. Now growers are turning to other bee species to help their crops.

Searching an artificial bee colony for real-world results  Science Daily

The artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is widely applied in many fields, but it suffers from slow convergence, so its solutions perform well in exploration but ...

Pollination strips could be worth up to £3.6 million to the UK courgette crop  Agriland.co.uk

An AHDB-funded study has shown the value of pollination services to courgette crops, finding that pollination margins can also improving yields.

Robotic bees could pollinate plants in case of insect apocalypse  The Guardian

Dutch scientists say they can create swarms of bee-like drones to take over if the insects die out.

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A three-day training in Nasavu village, Bua aims to assist communities with restoring degraded land and support livelihood opportunities. Participants are ...

Honeybees are hurting. What else can pollinate our food?  The Seattle Times

Farmers are turning to other types of bees — like the blue orchard bee, the bumblebee and alfalfa leafcutter — that have proved to be effective pollinators of ...

Invasive hornet poses risks to public, bees  The Guam Daily Post

Since the greater banded hornet, Vespa tropica, was first detected on island in 2016, those who are on the front line of invasive species research and education ...

While We Worry About Honeybees, Other Pollinators Are Disappearing - The Crux  Discover Magazine

A hyperfocus on the plight of hooneybees has left thousands of other species in the dark.

Beyond honey bees: Wild bees are also key pollinators, and some species are disappearing  The Conversation - US

Honeybees receive a lot of attention, but the first North American bee to be listed as an endangered species is a wild bumble bee. Wild bees are vital pollinators, ...

Swarms of bionic bees could monitor farms with electronic backpacks  New Atlas

Our drones are pretty handy, but nature's drones – bees – are far more efficient. Rather than building our own from scratch, researchers at the University of ...

Irish agtech company that monitors bee colonies expands into US  FreshPlaza

FreshPlaza is the number one portal for the *fresh* produce industry, offering the latest news, job advertisements, pricewatching, and photo reports.

AI Can Help Solve World's Bee Crisis, Says Bee Repopulation Company Exec  CTech

Artificial intelligence tools can help the world understand and deal with the global environmental crisis caused by the depopulation of bees, said Sabiha Rumani ...

7 Things You Should Know about Bees and Other Pollinators  Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

What are pollinators, and why do we need them? Read on to find out why pollinators are so important!

In the absence of bees, flies are responsible for pollination in the Arctic region  Science Daily

Most of the fauna in the Arctic region take part in pollinating, yet during the busiest flowering weeks, there's a shortage of such services. A recent study indicates ...

'It just looked like a tornado had hit:' St. George beekeeper says vandals caused $10K in damage  KSL.com

ST. GEORGE — A southern Utah beehive owner says he's out at least $10,000 after likely vandals smashed through 15 of his beehive boxes sometime in the ...

This robot could help pollinate crops if we kill all the bees  Fast Company

If the trajectory of our pollinator population continues, we might need the BrambleBee soon.

Bee part of the solution to the pollination problem  Irish Times

Zurich startup offers each one of us the chance to help ensure the survival of the bees.

This Robotic Pollinator Is Like a Huge Bee With Wheels and an Arm  WIRED

In a world with too many humans and not enough pollinators, robots like the BrambleBee could help.

Fact check: Is two-thirds of Australia's food production reliant on bee pollination?  ABC News

Fruit and vegetable magnate Robert Costa says that two-thirds of Australia's food relies upon bee pollination. RMIT ABC Fact Check finds that to be overstated.

‘Frankenbees’ or flying bioweapons – a glimpse on the dark side of bee technology  150sec

In the world of bees, the sky is usually the limit. Apicultural technology, or #Apitech for the social media sphere, is hailed as the big hope to save the globally ...

Watch This Native Pollinator Build Her Bee-Jeweled Nest  NPR

While honeybees and their buzzing hives and hyper-fertile queens get all the press for pollinating our food supply, the hard-working blue orchard bee is one of ...

Article: Bee grateful this Thanksgiving for native pollinators  The Chesapeake Bay Journal

Many people do not realize that native bees have been pollinating the continent's flowering plants long before honey bees were brought from Europe. As bees ...

Exhibition raises awareness about honey bees  STA - Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija

An exhibition by artist and architect Polonca Lovšin will open at the Maribor Media Nox Gallery on Wednesday evening in a bid to raise the awareness of the ...

Honeybees hog the limelight, yet wild insects are the most important and vulnerable pollinators  The Conversation - UK

Honeybees are responsible for only a third of crop pollination in Britain.

The good apple: This Kinnaur village bucks trend to grow its basket  Times of India

Telangi: Two kilometres from Reckong Peo, the district headquarters of Kinnaur, is a tribal village known for more than its sweet and crunchy apples.

A bee economist explains honey bees' vital role in growing tasty almonds  The Conversation - US

Pollination by commercially raised bees is important to a variety of crops but none more than California almonds. In turn, beekeepers depend on them.

Bee Repopulation Plan Can Benefit Both Ecosystem And Economy  The Inquisitr News

Stefanie Christmann of the International Center For Agricultural Research In Dry Areas will present the results of a new study to the United Nations this week.

Insect apocalypse now: What does it mean for life on earth  Irish Examiner

The numbers are stark, indicating a vast impoverishment of an entire insect universe, writes Brooke Jarvis. Insects are the vital pollinators and recyclers of ...

Robotic insects could pollinate plants should bees collapse  Digital Journal

Bees, which perform the vital pollination role required for framing, are in decline. In case of an event that wipes out most bees from the planet, scientists are ...

The Insect Apocalypse Is Here  The New York Times

Sune Boye Riis was on a bike ride with his youngest son, enjoying the sun slanting over the fields and woodlands near their home north of Copenhagen, when it ...

Pollination Drones Seen as Assistants for Ailing Bees  Robotics Business Review

Pollination drones are being developed by researchers worldwide, copying biological designs to help farmers as bee populations decline.

Honey Bees: The #1 Pollinator of Both Crops and Wild Plants  American Council on Science and Health

Like GMOs and vaccines, misinformation is rife on the topic of bees. Fearmongers warn of a coming "Beepocalypse." The media narrative is that bees are dying, ...

Invasion of the 'frankenbees': the danger of building a better bee  The Guardian

The long read: Beekeepers are sounding the alarm about the latest developments in genetically modified pollinators.

11 fascinating facts about bees, the most important pollinators  Rappler

One-third of food produced in the world depends on pollination, and bees hold the most important role among all pollinators.

Pollinator Biodiversity | NSF  National Science Foundation

If you're moving pollen from one plant to another, you might be a pollinator. Pollinators come in all shapes and sizes: butterflies, beetles, birds, bats and even ...

It's National Pollinator Week! Get the buzz on USGS pollinator research  United States Geological Survey

The bee marked in yellow is this hive's queen. There is usually only one queen in a hive, which the worker honeybees feed, follow, and protect.(Credit: Marisa ...

Possibilities for drones in agriculture seem endless – but are they?  Future Farming

According to experts, the drone is the most inexpensive method for fields smaller than 50 hectares.

As we breed crops to grow bigger and faster, they’re less delicious to the bees they depend on  The New Food Economy

Bees prefer flowers that offer significant rewards, like high quality pollen. If we expect bees to continue spreading pollen on our farms, they need to get ...

Australian university to help Indian farmers double income  Economic Times

An Australian university is planning to invest AUD 5 million as a part of a collaboration with agricultural universities across India, to leverage research and ...

Honey Bees: World's Most Important Species of Pollinator  American Veterinarian

An unprecedented study has discovered that honey bees are, in fact, the most important and frequent floral visitor in natural habitats worldwide.

The Super Bowl of Beekeeping  The New York Times

Almond growing in California is a $7.6 billion industry that wouldn't be possible without the 30 billion bees (and hundreds of human beekeepers) who keep the ...

Here are ways to celebrate Tucson's pollinators ─ the birds and the bees  Arizona Daily Star

The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is devoting its June 23 edition of Cool Summer Nights to pollinators.

Play scientist for a day, study bees and butterflies during local pollinator count events  Indianapolis Star

This month, Indianapolis invites us all to take a break — a four minute break, to be exact — to stop and count the pollinators. For the city's third annual Wild ...

Cork firm ApisProtect gets €1.5m funding for bee monitoring tech  The Irish Times

Expansion plans will see 25 jobs added over three years for hive monitoring company.

How Brands Can Bee of Help in Protecting Pollinators  Sustainable Brands

While everyone can play a part in maintaining bee health, collective action is the key to safeguarding the 35 percent of the world's crops that rely on pollinators to ...

Is the Key to Saving Pollinators … Honey Bee Semen?  Smithsonian.com

In the hopes of preserving their genetic diversity, entomologists are collecting and freezing this valuable fluid.

The Race to Build a Better Bee  JSTOR Daily

Could drone pollinators help secure our future food supply?

Dropcopter's drones boost crop pollination by up to 60% in bad bee years  New Atlas

A large percentage of the world's food production relies on bee pollination - but what do we do when the bees can't be relied on? US startup Dropcopter has just ...

Scientists buzzing over whether blueberry fields pose a health risk to bees  Toronto Star

Beekeepers' concerns that blueberry pollination was making their honeybees sick prompted a scientific study in B.C. that involved the collection of thousands of ...

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