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Gourmet Honey 580 889 6486

Bee Whisperings

  • ABout 50,000 airmiles are flown to gather every pound of honey.
  • Not one male bee participates in making honey. 100% Female made!
  • The word honeymoon, as early as 1546, signified that the 1st month of marriage is the sweetest.
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  • The harmless male bee, a drone, has no stinger. His sole purpose of the hive is to mate, once…
  • The worker bee only makes about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.
  • To fill a 1# bottle of honey, the bees will visit over 1/2 million flowers.
  • The hive has 50,000 bees inside at night during honey flow.
  • The lifetime of a gathering bee is only about 3 weeks, tattered wings prevent the return to the hive.
  • The bee keeper was stung an average of 3 times a day gathering the honey you eat.
  • The honey bee was preserved in amber (rock), age 80 million years ago.
  • Honey is the only food that includes every nutrient to survive including water.
  • The ancient Egyptians to the Vikings fought over Honey used it as money, and when fruit was scarce, honey was used to make wine.
  • Bee whispers are more seen than heard. A bee dance conveys the secret location of nectar to gather to the watching ladies.
  • Gourmet Honey is gathered from one flower source and sold on the merits of its unique taste.
    If you have other bee facts, make a comment and they will be posted here.

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