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Whipped Honey, Creamed Honey, No Mess, Same Great Taste

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Whipped Honey is all natural honey that has crystallized. This crystallized honey is a normal state that all honey eventually displays.buy Gourmet Honey Now Honey processors insert stainless steel whisks or beaters to stir the crystallized honey until the crystals are broken into very fine particles. Honey crystals can be as large as a dollar bill or as small as a pin point. The smallest crystal size is the most desirable.

Electric motors stirs the crystallized honey. In small applications a drill motor is used with a stainless steel paddle. The whipped honey is a light cream color and the consistency of peanut butter. This whipped, Creamed honey should be a non-liquid. When preparing to make whipped honey, the producers sometimes put “seed crystals” in the liquid honey to speed up the crystallization process.

Honey that crystallizes without the aid of electrical stirrers or seed honey is usually called granulated honey and has larger honey crystals. Whipped honey does not taste any different than the liquid honey but is easier to consume in the more solid state.

In many European countries and New Zealand, whipped honey is preferred to liquid honey and is more expensive. Whipped honey usually has air whipped into the honey. The honey is sold by net weight so the air is not a detriment to this gourmet delight.

Creamed honey, spun honey, granulated honey and whipped honey are so similar that only the professional could tell the difference in appearance. The texture can be the number one clue even to a novice if the whipped honey is from a very small crystal. The small crystal melts on your tongue almost immediately.

Should you desire to turn granulated honey into a liquid and preserve the enzymes of raw honey, place the honey in a glass jar, place the jar in warm water that does not exceed 140°. Do not overheat.

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Creamed Honey Gourmet

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Creamed Honey Gourmet

Dr E.J. Dyce a beekeeping professor at Cornell University patented the process that is recognized worldwide as the only true scientific creamed honey process in 1928.buy Gourmet Honey Now

Creamed honey is made with pure honey. By law pure honey is defined as having no additives. Pure honey is less than 19% water and only has evaporated flower nectar from the bee comb.

Creamed honey is made by adding very tiny honey crystals to fresh liquid gourmet honey. The honey crystal seed usually does not exceed 10 % of the mass. Honey crystals can be large to very tiny depending on the honey that it started to grow in. The smallest honey crystals are best so that you may create a very spreadable, smooth texture.

80% of all honey sold in New Zealand is creamed honey. 49% of honey consumed in England is creamed honey. Creamed honey is seen as easier to manage and less messy than liquid honey.

Flavors, spices and fruit have been added to creamed honey as an alternative to pure creamed honey. Some essence oils have been added to honey products to give fragrance. These oils are not recommended as the taste is objectionable and the oils are not produced for human consumption.

Gourmet yellow star thistle honey, raspberry honey, fireweed honey and blackberry honey make excellent creamed honey.

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