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Raspberry Honey Gourmet Choice

Monday, March 26th, 2007

Raspberry honey and Whatcom County are one word. When it comes to commercial quantities of gourmet raspberry honey, the golden nectar can be found all over the world but the capital remains Whatcom County, Washington.buy Gourmet Honey NowEven Skagit County to the south that has loads of raspberries does not have the conditions to equal the raspberry honey output of its northern neighbor.

Gourmet raspberry honey has its Pacific Northwest beginnings in the first and second week of May. Raspberries bloom the first of May with the bees descending upon the white spring raspberry flowers. The raspberry honey nectar is a large nectar flow that is brought in by the bees in a very short period of time. Like all nectar, raspberry honey nectar is first evaporated to get the water content below 19%. The bees aerate the nectar after it is in the comb to reduce the water content. After the nectar is properly evaporated, it is then moved to fill every cell and then capped. Only after the wax cap is put on each of the evaporated cell in the honey comb, can the nectar be called raspberry honey.

Every honey source determines the characteristics of the liquid honey. Raspberry honey has the unique characteristic of crystallizing (turning to a solid crystalline, sometimes called sugaring) in a short period of time after the honey comb has been capped. The beekeeper who sells jarred honey avoids raspberry honey because the visual appeal of liquid verses solid honey outsells solid every time. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that raspberry honey should not be included in your lists of gourmet honey! Raspberry has a milder taste than blackberry honey and is used in creamed honey because it is lighter in color.

Even if your raspberry honey turns solid on you, just place the glass jar of honey in a warm pan of water until the honey re-liquefies. If the heating of the water is kept below 125° the beneficial live enzymes will not be harmed in this raw honey.

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Red Raspberry Honey

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) is a sweet, tart compact berry that grows on a cane like stem similar to blackberries. This domesticated cane is not a berry at all but is an aggregate fruit that is now grown commercially for fresh market and commercial processing buy Gourmet Honey Nowsuch as jellies, jams and sauces. The commercial growing of raspberries produces an ideal opportunity to gather the honey from its floral source. Raspberries are a major honey nectar source that produces a wonderful gourmet honey.

Although raspberries will grow in most areas of the northern hemishere, the huge commercial raspberry fields are located in the Pacific Northwest, Atlantic Northeast and some central northern sates. Raspberry honey like most monofloral honey must be harvested immediately as other flowers blooming at the end of the raspberry bloom could mix with the raspberry nectar causing another taste entirely.

Raspberry has another unique quality that is a delicious bonus. Raspberry honey will cream (turn solid with honey crystals) in a very short time after harvest. This wonderful creamed honey is marvelous on muffins, toast or in tea. If you prefer raspberry honey to return to a liquid, this can be accomplished by setting the honey container in warm water for about 30 minutes. The microwave can be used to reverse the creaming of honey as well. Take off any metal or plastic caps, set the timer on short intervals of no more than 20 seconds, watch that the honey does not boil or overheat as it will overflow the container.

Raspberry gourmet honey is seldom tasted by the connoisseur because of the scarcity of this honey harvest. Once you have experienced this delight, you will seek out this gourmet honey and claim it as a pantry “reserve”. Early fall is the best time to find the “new crop” of raspberry honey. When you find a retailer that has raspberry honey, let them know you want this gourmet honey as soon as it becomes available, as it sells rapidly and after supplies are sold will not be replenished until the next year.

If you are looking for the best gourmet gift, consider Raspberry Honey! If you taste it first, you may not give it away. If you give raspberry honey as a gift you can rest assured that the gift will be well received, remembered, but most of all, enjoyed!

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