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Raw Honey Defined

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Raw Honey has not been definitively defined by any government or world agency, the National Honey Board, or any Beekeeping Organization. Therefore there is some confusion and a bit of hoodwinking of the public on raw honey sales.buy Gourmet Honey Now

First let us define raw honey as we sell it: Raw Honey is honey that has not been heated above the ambient temperature outside the beehive. Arizona 117°, Florida 102°, Washington 95°, Utah 105°, are some ambient temperatures on record. The highest known ambient temperature was 120° F in Pad Idan, Pakistan, in the shade. Honey began to seep out of the combs onto the ground as the comb started to melt. As the temperature cooled the honey was extracted and found to be perfect, with natural enzymes intact. Therefore we have adopted a practice of process that does not exceed 120° throughout collection, extraction, straining and bottling. This is TRUE RAW HONEY.

Straining: Raw honey is strained through cheesecloth very slowly as the viscosity of honey lower than 120°F does not allow rapid movement of the honey. As a result of this process YOU WILL see grains of pollen mixed in the honey. (NOTE: MOST honey processors use honey heated to 160°F so that they can FILTER the honey down to 10 microns under high pressure and accomplish pasteurization.)

Because of the low heat process of our RAW HONEY, it is not pasteurized. There are yeast spores present in every environment, even the Arctic. Under ideal conditions these yeast spores could cause unpasteurized honey to ferment.

Over 120° F, all foods begin to cook. For every degree increased in heat there is a greater loss of benificial enzymes and nutrients. Most honey processors that sell “raw honey” heat their honey to 140°, some 145° for one great reason; faster processing and finer filtration. ALL RAW HONEY IS NOT EQUAL! If fact these high heat treatments produce cooked honey that is devoid of live enzymes and should no longer be qualified as “raw honey”.

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Raw Honey Source

Tuesday, February 05th, 2008

Raw Honey is desired by many and rarely found in the marketplace. Raw honey is a perishable product and is sold soon after harvest. There are exceptions to raw honey being sold just in the fall.buy Gourmet Honey Now Honey has live enzymes that are valued as healers, promote good health and aid in the digestion process. So why is raw honey perishable? Yeast! Airborne yeast spores are everywhere on the planet including the Arctic. Some airborne yeast spores enter the honey when it is processed. The honey that is in the honeycomb and sealed COULD also have yeast spores. Yeast can cause the honey to ferment. Fermentation will ruin the honey. The solution to reliable sources of raw honey is in choosing a beekeeper that has CLEAN processing facility and one who stores capped honey still in the honeycomb to just before sale.

If you buy comb honey there is a 100% assurance that your honey is “raw”! If the comb honey is surrounded by liquid honey there is a 90% chance that the liquid honey is pasteurized. If the beekeeper has stored raw honey in the comb until just before selling the raw honey, there is a less chance of airborne spores contaminating the raw honey. This is one way that raw honey is sold after the fall harvest. If your beekeeper elects to offer comb honey, please realize what happened in his beehive. It takes over 8 pounds of honey to produce a pound of wax. All comb honey is sold in “new wax”, wax made the same year as the honey. Wax comb is normally reused every year, and will result in more honey to the beekeeper as no honey was used in wax production. These methods of caring for raw honey are deliberate extra work details for the beekeeper. If it is extra work then of course the price per pound of honey will go up. Is the extra money paid for raw honey worth it? Absolutely! The benefit to the body and your good health is the same as eating raw vegetables compared to eating over cooked vegetables. Raw honey has more nutrients, vitamins and enzymes than pasteurized honey.

Processing raw honey is the most expensive feats of processing honey. The honey does not exceed 125°. The viscosity of honey at this temperature does not allow the honey to flow as freely as 150° pasteurized honey. The honey will not flow freely through a commercial filter so the raw honey slowly runs through a strainer allowing pollen and some wax particles to be included in the raw honey. This is not an unhealthy issue but the clarity issue of raw honey will be less than the commercially processed honey. The taste of raw honey is fabulous! The floral nuances are preserved with a smell of freshness. If you get a chance to hug your beekeeper, do so and tell them how much you appreciate the EXTRA they do to bring you RAW HONEY. Your beekeeper can be stung an average of 3 times a day all summer long while plying the beekeeping trade.

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Raw Honey and still Gourmet?

Sunday, February 03rd, 2008

Raw honey is a honey that has not been pasteurized. Gourmet honey is a honey gathered from one source of flowers, processed separately from all other honey and bottled so that the honey can be enjoyed as a gourmet monofloral honey. buy Gourmet Honey NowThe first question is usually how do you get the bees to not mix the honey? Honey is gathered from the flowers that are flowing with nectar. All flowers do not produce nectar at the same time of day or the same time of year. The bees naturally store only one kind of honey in each honey cell. It becomes the beekeeper’s chore to know when the flower that is producing gourmet nectar is blooming, and then remove that box of honey when the floral source is finished. This is EXTRA WORK for the beekeeper! This is why each gourmet honey has its own taste, like wine, all honey DOES NOT taste the same.

Raw honey is preferred over pasteurized honey because the raw honey has all its natural enzymes that aid digestion and good health. The reason a beekeeper would not store all his honey as raw honey is the raw honey has airborne spores in it that could in time cause the honey to ferment. The honey would then have to be dumped. Most honey worldwide is cooked to 140° and is no longer a raw honey. This pasteurization of honey allows the sealed honey to be stored at 60° for at least 3 years without spoilage. Honey that crystallizes (turns solid) has not spoiled. All honey will crystallize, but can be returned to the liquid state by warming the glass bottle of honey in warm water not to exceed 125°.

Raw Gourmet Honey is one huge step further than just unpasteurized honey. Keeping the single flower source honey separate from all the other honey that the bees bring into the hive is a vigilant task performed by the beekeeper. Much more time and trips to the apiary are required in addition to labeling stored honey supers at the honey-house before extracting. If the beekeeper was to sell raw gourmet honey for $15 a pound it would still be a wonderful price compared to the costly efforts that went into presenting Gourmet Raw Honey to the consumer!

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Honey bees should be protected and not harmed  WRCB-TV

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The honey bee is an incredible ally of agriculture, but the bees are dying at an alarming rate.

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Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate. we move as ...

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By Beverly Makhani, Office of Undergraduate Education. Though career coaches encourage job applicants to say “yes” with a can-do attitude, answering “no” to ...

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Researchers have discovered that honey bees are able to share immunity with other bees and to their offspring in a hive by transmitting RNA 'vaccines' through ...

RNA Transfer Through Royal Jelly Could Aid Development of Honey Bee Vaccines  Laboratory Equipment

Researchers discovered honey bees are able to share immunity in a hive by transmitting RNA "vaccines" through royal jelly and worker jelly.

Popular pesticide leaves honey bees vulnerable to deadly mites  SlashGear

A commonly used class of pesticides may be preventing bees from properly grooming themselves, leaving them vulnerable to deadly mites, according to a new ...

30,000 honeybees swarm woman's car in Knoxville  www.brproud.com

This is the third swarm of bees in downtown Knoxville they've heard about this year and they say there are likely a few hives within a one to two-mile radius.

Oklahoma adding more beekeepers amid nationwide bee decline  Hastings Tribune

ORION, Okla. (AP) — Despite rain and possible snow, some 35 people met recently at the Orion Volunteer Fire Department, tucked among the red cedars of ...

Fifty thousand bees found in Jersey City building  New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio

Wow. An estimated fifty thousand bees had taken up residence in a building in Jersey City, and, yes, it was an occupied apartment building. According to CBS 2 ...

Mineral Independent - Local News, Honey bees display intrigues Plains kindergarten students  Clark Fork Valley Press

GRAYCEE COBB looks on as Lyndsey Mooney points out the bee particulars in Ms. Hillerman's kindergarten classroom. (Carolyn Hidy/Clark Fork Valley Press).

Landfill Honey Bees Are Creating A Buzz Thanks To One Tulsa Trash Man  myarklamiss.com

In a bid to save the local bee population, trashman Kenneth Burkett and owner of American Waste Control (AWC) started a bee farm at his landfill, according to ...

Protect bees by reporting honeybee swarms  CNYcentral.com

As the weather gets warmer and flowers begin to bloom, this week starts honey bee swarm season in New York. Local nature officials are asking neighbors to ...

Pollinators: Western Montana beekeepers take delivery of 2.5M California honeybees  Missoula Current

When you're transporting nearly 3 million bees, chances are a few will escape. Bees sit clustered inside a bee box before finding a new hive in Missoula and the ...

Field trial with neonicotinoids: Honeybees are much more robust than bumblebees  Phys.Org

The insecticide clothianidin affects different species of bees in different ways. While it has no demonstrably negative effect on honeybees, it disrupts the growth ...

Downtown Wilmington abuzz as bees bring life, food to heart of the city  The News Journal

Perched on roofs and tucked away in a West Center City backyard, thousands of workers are laboring away, tending to Wilmington's flowers, producing food and ...

Agricultural pesticide renders honey bees more susceptible to deadly parasitic infection, says research  FoodIngredientsFirst

24 Apr 2019 --- A widely used agricultural neonicotinoid (pesticide) – also referred to as “neonic” – called clothianidin causes honey bees to become more ...

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Honeybees were brought to the UA-Little Rock campus to help the garden grow better and there's now an increase in vegetation and flowers.

Food Lunacy | Opinion  northernexpress.com

Some extreme vegans would like us to avoid California almonds and avocados. Not because they've been tainted by pesticides or other chemicals, and not b...

Business is buzzing for Santa Fe couple  Chron.com

When Rosetta Gibbs saw bees in her Santa Fe home, she was immediately concerned. Her son is allergic to bee stings. She knew that just one sting could result ...

Paper wasps capable of logical reasoning  sciencefocus.com

Paper wasps seem to be able to grasp surprisingly complex logic, given their minuscule brains.

Recent Rains, Blooming Wildflowers Keep Bees Buzzing  Spectrum News

Bees pollinate about $15 billion worth of crops a year.

Bee crisis: Pollinators endure countless threats in Florida. And we need them to live  Florida Today

Bees endure countless threats in Florida. No one knows the volume of pesticides sprayed here, for farming, mosquito control or in our yards.

The selfish case for saving bees: it’s how to save ourselves  The Guardian

When I see a bee buzzing around my garden or in the park in early spring, I get a real thrill from being able to identify her. If she is black and darting among small ...

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Saskatchewan beekeeping community is buzzing after a brazen honeybee heist.

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I never really expected my life to turn out like this. Freestyle Digital Media has debuted the trailer for an indie dramedy titled Roads, Trees and Honey.

Game of Drones  The New York Times

What honeybees have to teach us about the fate of the earth — and our country.

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Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge and Watertown is a crossroads between past and present.On a mild, May day, visitors strolled paths through the ...

Honey Bee Jubilee all the buzz in New Ulm  Sealy News

Feared by many, but embraced by millions (including the medical field) the honey bee has been an attribute in scores of ways in today's society.

Notre Dame’s Bees Seem to Have Survived the Blaze  Atlas Obscura

Several types of creatures make themselves at home on the tippy-tops of buildings. You have your gargoyles, their stone gazes fixed forever on the horizon, and ...

Sting, Trudie Styler, and a villa in Italy: How they brought the dilapidated, 400-year-old Il Palagio back to life  CBS News

The singer-musician and his wife bought the dilapidated, 400-year-old Il Palagio, in Tuscany, for a song or two, and have brought the olive groves, vineyards ...

Cold Stress Threatens Honey Bees Used for Pollination Across the U.S.  Indiana Environmental Reporter

Honey bee colonies are important pollinators, and in the U.S., millions of colonies are hauled across the country in semi-trailers to pollinate crops like California ...

London is planting a giant bee corridor to boost insect numbers  World Economic Forum

The UK capital is planting a wildflower-rich highway to support pollinating insects, whose numbers are plummeting.

How you can help TN honeybees, other pollinators  WATE 6 On Your Side

EAST TENNESSEE (WATE) - Bee populations, especially that of the honeybee, are important to Tennessee agriculture for crop pollination.

'Taking care of bees-ness' of moving swarm, beekeeper shares his mission  The Lawton Constitution

The latest buzz about a queen and her court in downtown Lawton arrived in the most literal of ways. You could call it a honey of a story. A bunch of bees made a ...

Saanich sanctuary still on the lookout for lost honeybee swarm  Victoria News

The search continues for a missing honeybee swarm from a Saanich sanctuary. Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary has received several reports of bee ...

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Sunny skies and warmer temperatures created a honey bee buzz of activity Thursday in this patch of dandelions near the cable bridge in Pasco.

Bees living on Notre-Dame cathedral roof survive blaze  BBC News

The French cathedral's beekeeper says they would only have got "drunk" on smoke.

Boston Sunday Review: Aaron Weber  98.5 The Sports Hub

The latest research into honeybees, including why bees have an easier time living in an urban environment than a rural environment, the medicinal uses of bee ...

Hobbyist beekeeping increases in the Panhandle  KFDA

Many Panhandle plants rely on the pollination from bees in order to harvest, and with the population of bees declining, hobbyist beekeepers are becoming more ...

The buzz about bumble bees isn't good  Phys.Org

While many scientists are focused on the decline of honey bees, relatively few study bumble bees. The good news is that a new study provides an estimate on ...

Thousands Of Honeybees Discovered In NJ Home  CBS New York

CBS2's Ali Bauman has the latest on a massive honeybee discovery inside a New Jersey apartment building. 1 day ago. Next Video. New York Weather: ...

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This is the time during the Legislative Session when House committees are working on bills that were sent to us by the Senate and we are monitoring what is ...

Breeding bees in Swiss valleys - SWI swissinfo.ch  swissinfo.ch

Swiss photographer and beekeeper Marc Latzel has documented a special type of bee that thrives among the Alps.

Honeybees Can Put Two and Two Together  Scientific American

The tiny brain of a honeybee is apparently able to calculate small numbers' addition and subtraction. Annie Sneed reports. Full Transcript. It takes a big brain—a ...

Ocean County Has New Royalty  Jersey Shore Online

TOMS RIVER – Long live Queen Agatha and Queen Ursula. Those are the two queens of honeybee hives that were set up the first week in May. The two hives ...

One Dead Two Injured as Killer Bees Attack Dogs  San Angelo LIVE!

SWEETWATER, TX -- Two dogs were injured and one was killed on Wednesday after being attacked by African Honey Bees. On April 24, three dogs were taken ...

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Q I am strangely fond of fabric embellishments from my childhood: swags, tails, valances and pelmets. How can I use these in my decor in a tasteful, modern way ...

Honeybees all have different jobs to accomplish—Here’s how they decide who is doing what  National Geographic

With brains the size of sesame seeds, honeybees have to work together in different capacities to maintain a healthy nest.

How Do Bees Make Honey?  Tufts Now

The Tufts video series Ever Wonder features faculty and other experts answering questions for the curious about all manner of topics—from why we have ...

Honey worth a lot of money: $60K worth of bee colonies stolen from Sask. yard  The Telegram

It's not easy to steal 148 bee hives. That's why Derek Moyen of Moyen Honey Farms believes the thieves who targeted one of his yards were likely fellow ...

As bumblebee diets narrow, ours could too  Phys.org

There has been a lot of buzz about honeybees' failing health because they pollinate our produce. Less well known is how critical bumblebees are for some of ...

How To Correctly Set Up A Solitary Bee House  Lifehacker Australia

Solitary bees are pretty damn awesome: They're docile, easy to raise, and are amazing pollinators of spring flowering fruit and nut trees. These bees don't use ...

Are Honey Bees Bad for Wild Bees?  JSTOR Daily

Recently, the health of the honey bees has been a topic of some concern. But many scientists think we should actually be worrying about wild bees instead.

North Van man's discovery of mystery giant hornet creates buzz  North Shore News

When Valerie Greer's boyfriend brought home an unusual insect in a bottle on Friday, she admits her first reaction was to run away. The angry-looking insect ...

Doesn't look like it belongs in B.C.? Please report it, say invasive species officials  CBC.ca

From scorpions, to beetles and giant hornets, Metro Vancouver is at risk from pests that could harm the region's biodiversity.

Virginia's honeybees are dying; here's what you can do  Virginia Gazette

Honey bees in Virginia are dying and beekeepers across the state are working to save them.

Beekeeper's warm-weather warning: ‘Do not be frightened’ of swarming honeybees  Fox News

With spring comes budding flowers, warmer weather, rain and, to the dismay of some, an increase in honeybees. But there's no need to be frightened of these ...

Protecting pollinators: Festival raises awareness of the importance of birds, bees, butterflies  Albuquerque Journal

Learn about the birds and the bees, as well as the roles of other pollinators in the food we eat, during the sixth annual Bees + Seeds Festival. The Sixth Annual ...

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Memo reveals city attorney's office ruled imposing an income tax was illegal: In 2014, Assistant City Attorney Kent Meyer advised the Seattle City Council that ...

Pollinators vital to the global food chain, stresses Michael D Higgins  The Irish Times

Farming practices and urbanisation have placed insect world in acute danger, says president ahead of World Bee Day.

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There are so many great Gilligan's Island episodes that picking the best one is almost impossible. There's the one where a mad scientist on a nearby island ...

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On this week's Super Awesome Science Show, we're going to explore the benefits of bees and why we should learn to love them rather than fear them.

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Controversies & Scandals. Olu Oguibe's 50-foot-tall obelisk sculpture has returned to Kassel, Germany, where it debuted at Documenta 14 in 2017. The work ...

Honey Bees Can Do Simple Math, After a Little Schooling  Smithsonian.com

Researchers trained 14 bees to add and subtract by one, suggesting their tiny brains have found novel ways of doing complicated tasks.

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