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Star Thistle honey an American Favorite

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Star Thistle Honey. America is defining its choice for their favorite honey. Editors give star thistle honey five star reviews.

The price: “If you need to ask, don’t buy.”buy Gourmet Honey Now

Taste: “Star thistle honey is golden ambrosia.”

San Francisco Magazine awarded Star Thistle Honey as “One of the 125 Best Things to Eat in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

“Star thistle honey has notes of cinnamon and a long, sweet finish.”

“The only thing needed with star thistle honey is baroque music.”

“Just eat it out of the jar!”

“Star thistle honey should be hidden from the unsophisticated…”

“Do not camouflage the marvelous star thistle honey with any other ingredient…”

“Star thistle honey should be sipped from a silver spoon.”

“For the sake of star thistle honey it should not mixed, combined or eaten with anything other than sultry background music.”

The reports continue to come in from chefs and honey tasters from all across the nation. Star thistle honey is our favorite. You be the judge try this fabulous gourmet honey.

star thistle honey star thistle honey

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Starthistle Honey with Fruit and Cereal

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Gourmet Honey with Fruit and Cereal

Fruits as a dessert dish can be flavored with honey instead of sugar. Honey enhances the natural flavor of fresh fruits. Honey also aids in the prevention of fruit darkening once they have been cut. buy Gourmet Honey NowSubstitute a mild flavored honey for sugar on grapefruit halves, nectarines, raspberries, strawberries and peaches.

For a truly elegant dessert, try strawberries whole or sliced or blueberries, sweetened with mild flavored gourmet honey, such as star thistle honey, and served in a stemmed glassware. To intensify the flavor add a splash of almond liqueur and a pinch of fresh mint.

Hot cereal or cold cereal takes on a new exciting taste when honey is used instead of sugar. For a great combo, add fresh fruit and honey on your cereal. This healthy sweetener enhances the taste of everything it touches.

star thistle honey,gourmet honey

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Gourmet Star Thistle Honey

Friday, November 17th, 2006

star thistle honey Yellow starthistle migrated to California in an adobe brick (in seed form) from the Mediterranean area in the early 1800s. The star thistle is of the sunflower family. This winter annual is also known as a noxious weed.buy Gourmet Honey Now

The yellow star thistle seed can germinate in the winter and early spring. The young starthistle plants monopolize soil, moisture and nutrients quickly growing above surrounding plants. This adapting plant puts down a deep taproot enabling survival in very dry areas. This star thistle has an arsenal of reproductive tools that allow it to make a successful stand. The starthistle has a seed viability of 95%, producing about 28,500 seeds per square yard. This quick colonizer forms dense stands of 100% star thistle plants and produces a barrage of allelochemicals that prevents growth of all competitive plant species.

This intense plant growth of one flower source is the ideal setting to collect a monofloral honey known as star thistle honey. This floral source produces a honey so lovely that it has been voted America’s Favorite Honey. Gourmet Honey connoisseurs choose star thistle honey to be enjoyed as a light, mild flavored honey that is effervescent, and can be enjoyed at it’s peak with smooth classical music.

Beekeepers seek out the dense stands of star thistle as it is so prolific in nectar production that nectar gathering insects large and small converge on the fields to gather this abundant crop all day long. Most plants do not secrete nectar past the morning hours. This gourmet honey will crystallize within a few weeks of harvest. This does not harm the honey in any way. Some honey users prefer creamed honey. If you want to re-liquefy honey that has crystallized, set the GLASS jar in warm water, (do not exceed 125°). If you use a microwave, do short burst to prevent overheating.

The Gourmet Star Thistle Honey has a wonderful aroma, a light amber color and a very light colored wax is produced by the bees while producing this honey. Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington produce the majority of the star thistle honey in the U.S. California produces the most starthistle honey of any state. The estimated annual production of this gourmet honey, nationwide, is 500,000 pounds.

Although most conniseurs of gourmet honey have a preference of how they enjoy their favorite honey… it has been discovered by laymen that the best way to enjoy star thistle honey is “a cappella”!

star thistle honey,gourmet honey,starthistle

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Yellow Star Thistle Honey

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

In the early 1800s a migration occurred that eventually resulted in the settling of 46 American states. The nonnative wildflower, yellow star-thistle (Centaurea solstitialis), moved silently into America. Known as knapweed, it was not liked by ranchersbuy Gourmet Honey Now but is adored by honey enthusiasts and has been discovered as a nectar source producing one of the premium gourmet honeys that has recently been voted “America’s favorite honey”.

Star Thistle blooms in mid-summer, and is found in a few states in large enough concentrations to harvest as a floral honey designate. The yellow flower is guarded by very pointed leaves that appear as spikes. The star-thistle is a copious nectar producer. This major honey producing plant produces abundant light amber nectar making it a favorite with the bees, and the honey connoisseur. So much nectar is produced by this light yellow flowered prickly plant that butterflies, moths and insects converge on the blooming fields to gorge on the heavenly nectar flow.

California and Michigan produce enough star-thistle honey to entice thousands of tasters to enjoy this mild, light golden amber, sweet as candy, fragrant taste that is perfume to the palate, gourmet delight! The taste is so extravagant that it is claimed “away with the tea, I’ll take the star thistle honey straight!” Others insist starthistle honey should be delivered from a silver spoon, savored with no other food or drink and only mixed with soothing enchanting music…

Star Thistle Honey, Experience this signature gourmet honey today!

star thistle honey,gourmet honey,honey

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Researchers Create First-Ever Honey Bee Vaccine | Smart News  Smithsonian.com

The compound protects against the American foulbrood disease, but the same technique could lead to protection against other major pathogens.

A Honeybee With Two Fathers And No Mother  Forbes

A female honeybee with two fathers -- and no mother -- has been discovered; the first ever of her kind observed in nature. Female worker honeybee, Apis ...

More Honey Bee Hives To Go High-Tech With ApisProtect  Forbes

Monitoring honey bee hives by hand is passé. The buzz these days is about high-tech sensors inside hives. They help commercial beekeepers keep colonies ...

First Vaccine for Honey Bees Developed in Finland  Growing Produce

Bloomberg reports scientists at the University of Helsinki have developed the first vaccine to protect honey bees against microbial infections. Advertisement ...

Why Pesticides Pose Different Kinds of Risk to Non-Honey Bees  Entomology Today

A new collection of reports in Environmental Entomology highlights the need for pesticide risk assessments that account for the differing qualities and behaviors ...

Scientists create edible honey bee vaccine to protect them from deadly diseases  Fox News

The first-ever vaccine for insects now exists, thanks to scientists at the University of Helsinki in Finland hoping to save one of the most crucial pollinators in the ...

Edible vaccine may protect honey bees from deadly microbial infections  Genetic Literacy Project

A growing number of honey bees die each year due to pesticides, vanishing habitats, poor nutrition and climate change, with potentially disastrous.

Some honeybees have four parents or no mother – and we don’t know why  New Scientist News

The first genetic study of part-male, part-female honeybees shows these bees can have multiple fathers, but it's unclear how this happens.

No Buzz, No Problem: Study Shows How Honey Bees Pollinate Blueberries  Entomology Today

A new study shows how honey bees pollinate blueberry crops, despite lacking the skill for buzz pollination thought necessary to access blueberry pollen.

Honeybees knock off state-ranked Heritage, 45-33  Stephenville Empire-Tribune

The sixth-ranked Stephenville Honeybees easily met the challenge presented by another Class 4A state-ranked girls basketball team Friday night on the road, ...

Louisiana beekeepers say honey bee population is dwindling  KPLC

80 percent of the food we eat is dependent on insects for pollinating, Most of it is done by honey bees.

Finnish Scientists Create World's First Vaccine to Save Threatened Honeybees  LIVEKINDLY

A team of Finnish scientists has developed a new vaccine that could help to save populations of honeybees from fatal bacterial diseases.

Honey bees, already at risk, face a new threat from a common herbicide  Phys.Org

Glyphosate is the world's most widely used herbicide. Because it's considered safe for animals, it's extensively used not only in agriculture, but also for weed ...

South African bees: 'One million die in Cape Town'  BBC News

At least one million bees are suspected to have died of poisoning in a wine-producing area of South Africa. Brendan Ashley-Cooper told the BBC that an ...

MASTER GARDENER: Honey bees do the huddle in winter  Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

Hummingbirds fly south when the weather turns cooler and winter is on the horizon, but what about the honey bee? Ever wonder what goes on inside the hives ...

Let it bee: Beekeeping is a growing hobby in Arkansas and tons of honey were harvested last year  NWAOnline

If you were a honeybee right now, you would be in your hive with 10000 or more of your bee sisters and brothers, huddled around your queen to generate heat ...

Keeping bees safe for ag's sake | 2018-11-28  Agri-Pulse

Protecting pollinators is critical to the health of U.S. agriculture, yet some beekeepers are leery of registering their honey bee hives to provide the kinds of ...

A Hard Look At The Highly Publicized 'Honey Bee Vaccine'  Utah Public Radio

A research team based in Helsinki, Finland announced recently that they have developed a vaccine to treat foulbrood, a bacterial infection that kills honey bee ...

Could the world's first bee vaccine save honeybees?  Daily Mail

Called PrimeBEE, it is designed to protect bees from American foulbrood, a bacterial disease that has been wiping out entire colonies.

Honeybees may hold the secret to stem cell youth  Medical News Today

The royal jelly that honeybees make to produce new queen bees seems to contain a secret ingredient that can keep stem cells 'young' and powerful.

Research offers insights of honey bee chromosomes  Davis Enterprise

Newly published research by a team of Germany-based honey bee geneticists, collaborating with Robert Page Jr. of Arizona State University/UC Davis, offers ...

Mapped British honey bee genome could help safeguard hives against infectious disease  Genetic Literacy Project

Efforts to protect the UK's native honey bees could be helped by research that maps their entire genetic make-up. Experts also analyzed the genetic.

Bee gene study sheds light on risks to hives  Science Daily

Efforts to protect the UK's native honey bees could be helped by research that maps their entire genetic make-up.

Researchers find some honeybees are part male and part female with up to FOUR parents  Daily Mail

In a paper published to the journal Biology Letters, researchers from the University of Sydney have revealed new insight on the remarkable nature of honeybees ...

Bee club to begin in 2019  The Hendricks County Flyer

According to Randall Patterson, the closest bee club to Hendricks County is in Mooresville. There are also clubs in Thorntown, Lebanon and Greencastle, but ...

Lions support Drexell & Honeybees - The Brewton Standard  Brewton Standard

Lions Paul Wade, Ron Tucker and Steve Claytor present a monthly check to Lisa McMillian at Drexell & Honeybees. Drexell & Honeybees are a donation only ...

Professor Gene Robinson studies the genes and social behavior of honey bees  Daily Illini

Professor Gene Robinson is the director of the Carl Woese Institute for Genomic Biology and the Swanlund chair for entomology and neuroscience. He is also a ...

How Beekeepers Can Foster Propolis Production for Better Hive Health  Entomology Today

A new study tests a few simple methods beekeepers can use to encourage more production of beneficial propolis in their honey bee hives.

Artisanal Edible Cannabis Honey Causes A Buzz  Forbes

Innovative Israeli cannabis technology company PhytoPharma International is causing a buzz! The artisanal honey producing company's bees are feasting on a ...

Scientists create bee vaccine to fight off 'insect apocalypse'  Phys.org

Scientists in Finland have developed what they believe is the world's first vaccine to protect bees against disease, raising hopes for tackling the drastic decline in ...

Buzz patrol: Are bees our next biosecurity watchdogs?  New Zealand Herald

Could bees be the key to better biosecurity? Scientists are exploring whether these tireless workers of our fields, forests and orchards might also be able to pick ...

Rebel honeybee workers lay eggs when their queen is away  Science News

A honeybee queen's absence in the colony triggers some workers to turn queen-like and lay eggs, sometimes in other colonies.

Wild Bees Are Dying and Ecosystem Collapse Will Follow—But Nobody’s Taking Notice  Newsweek

Most conservation initiatives are aimed at the honeybee. But the decline of native bees, which are crucial to preventing the collapse of ecosystems, is receiving ...

Guest opinion: Do your part to save the bees  Deseret News

In our state, the honeybee is an insect of great importance economically, agriculturally and symbolically.

Honeybees advance in Brownsboro tourney  Stephenville Empire-Tribune

The Stephenville Honeybees held Hallsville to just four points in the fourth quarter Thursday afternoon in a 56-26 girls basketball victory in the first round of the ...

The Ultimate Solution to Battery Endurance: Researchers Put Drone ‘Backpack’ on Bees to Help Gather Data for Farming  DroneLife

It's the ultimate solution to the problem of drone flight endurance – harnessing mother nature's power. Researchers from the University of Washington have put a ...

Fipronil responsible for historic honeybee die-off | Research  Chemistry World

Researchers conclude the mass death of honeybees in 1990s France was caused by the pesticide fipronil, not a neonicotinoid.

Can these startups save the Honey Bee?  150sec

There has rarely been an animal creating as much buzz in Europe as the honey bee: The unsung hero of our global food production has suddenly become the ...

Honeybees second in Brownsboro tournament  Stephenville Empire-Tribune

The sixth-ranked Stephenville Honeybees earned second place Saturday in the Great East Texas Shootout in Brownsboro, winning three games in the ...

Shrinking of Utah National Monument May Threaten Bee Biodiversity  Smithsonian.com

The Grand Staircase-Escalante is home to 660 bee species, 84 of which will live outside of protected land under changes.

Honeybees down Venus, 43-29  Stephenville Empire-Tribune

It was just another day at the office for the sixth-ranked Stephenville Honeybees basketball team Tuesday at home in a 43-29 girls basketball victory Venus ...

Florida bee killer takes no prisoners  Citrus County Chronicle

Dear Gardener Gal: Anyone who is a gardener or a beekeeper might be interested in my sighting of a “Florida bee killer” here in Pine Ridge. It is in the.

Newswanders featured in campaign  The Herald Journal

5ob and Michael Newswander, Preston, are being featured in a national drive to encourage Americans to know who their honey comes from. Amongst the 270 ...

Report: Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Among Ten Species Imperiled by the Trump Administration  Natural Resources Defense Council

Washington, D.C. – The rusty patched bumblebee is among the species most threatened by the Trump Administration's efforts to weaken the Endangered ...

Bees, brothels and monkey selfies: oh my; 2018 abuzz with odd U.S. stories  Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A hive of honeybees in the heart of New York City, a monkey with a photographer's eye, a brothel full featuring robotic sex dolls and a ...

4-H announces winter workshops - News  The Augusta Chronicle

Are you looking for something to do this winter? Try one of our 4-H Winter Workshops.Miss 4-H Pageant: Laurens County 4-H is sponsoring the annual South ...

Study reveals striking decline of Vermont's bumble bees  Phys.Org

A new study examining 100 years of bumble bee records reveals that almost half of Vermont's species, which are vital pollinators, have either vanished or are in ...

World’s First Honey Bee Edible Vaccine Discovered by Finland Scientists to Protect the Queen Bees  LatestLY

The bee vaccine which is still under process, will be administered via an edible sugar patty in the hive, which the queen will consume over the course of about a ...

Half of Vermont bumble bee species gone or in peril, study shows  vtdigger.org

Listed as threatened in Vermont, the yellow-banded bumble bee (Bombus terricola) nectars joe pye weed. Photo courtesy/copyright K.P. McFarland/Vermont ...

The secret to better berries? Wild bees: First study to explore wild bees' impacts on blueberry size, quality  Science Daily

New research shows wild bees are essential for producing larger and better blueberry yields - with plumper, faster-ripening berries. The study is the first to show ...

Honeybees back to Disney - Port Arthur News  The Port Arthur News

The Port Arthur Junior Bees' Honeybees dance organization was in McAllen from Nov. 17-19 for the Pop Warner Southwest Region championship. The Pop ...

Washington Island apiary creating a buzz about Russian honeybees  DoorCountyDailyNews.com

STATION is a radio station located in CITY, STATE, in the the United States. The station broadcasts on FREQUENCY, and is popularly known as BRAND ...

Researchers want to vaccinate bees so we don’t run out of food  ZME Science

The world's first bee-protecting vaccine raises new hope of saving these vital pollinators and preventing a global food crisis. Bee. Image via Pixabay.

Scientists engineer bee vaccine to help the pollinator fight off 'insect apocalypse'  Firstpost

Bees are vital pollinators in agriculture as they fertilise roughly 75% of food crops around the globe.

Conservation Assistance Program has Dec. 21 deadline | Community  Washington Times Herald

INDIANAPOLIS– With a Dec. 21 sign up deadline quickly approaching, Pheasants and Quail Forever and USDA's Natural Resources Conservation *Service* are ...

Honeybees stay unbeaten with win over Aledo  Stephenville Empire-Tribune

The Stephenville Honeybees improved to 6-0 on the season Tuesday night at home in Gandy Gym with a 40-38 girls basketball victory over Class 5A Aledo.

Lakers Too Hot for Hornets to Handle in 2nd Half | Charlotte Hornets  Hornets.com

GALLERY: Photo Gallery | Fashion | Honey Bees VIDEOS: Team Highlights | Bridges Highlights | Honey Bees | James Borrego | Malik Monk. By Matt Rochinski.

Honeybees notch two more wins, move to 5-0  Stephenville Empire-Tribune

A basketball team that shoots well, executes on offense and is outstanding on defense usually finds that's a formula for winning. So far, so good, for the ...

'The View' co-hosts' favorite gifts under $50  ABC News

The co-hosts share what they're giving this holiday season.

Morton named all-state in volleyball by TGCA  Stephenville Empire-Tribune

Stephenville High School senior standout Jayci Morton was named to the Texas Girls Coaches Association's Class 4A all-state volleyball team for the 2018 ...

Kershaw County 4-H Honey Bee Project winner  Chronicle Independent

Kershaw County 4-H would like to congratulate Eric Roberts on being named the County Winner for the 2018 South Carolina Honey Bee Project. This was Eric's ...

Tongrentang shares down on expired honey woes - USA - Chinadaily.com.cn  Chinadaily USA

Tongrentang, a Beijing-based time-honored traditional Chinese medicine provider, saw its share price decline after reports say it used expired honey as a raw ...

The Buzz on Honey and Pollination Services with Declining Pollinators  PR Web

(PRWEB) December 17, 2018 -- According to a World Economic Forum article, over 75% of food crops depend on pollination by bees and butterflies. Pollination ...

Adams Central students compete on national stage | News  Hastings Tribune

Imagine going to an event where you are part of a group of more than 68000 young people all there to celebrate all aspects of agriculture.

What bees do during the winter?  The Coloradoan

Some sleeping but also a fair amount of moving: “Just trying to keep warm, like us.”

Knicks Zone in to Stop Hornets Streak | Charlotte Hornets  Hornets.com

GALLERY: Photo Gallery | Fashion | Honey Bees | Muggsy Bogues Presentation VIDEOS: Team Highlights | Zeller Highlights | Muggsy Bogues Presentation ...

World's First Insect Vaccine Could Help Bees Fight Off Deadly Disease  Arizona Public Media

Bees may soon get an ally in their fight against bacterial disease — one of the most serious threats the pollinators face — in the form of an edible vaccine.

UVM researcher shows how to save wild bees and grow better blueberries  BurlingtonFreePress.com

University of Vermont study shows how to save bees and the environment while improving crops, specifically berries.

Mead, the honey alcohol of the ancients, is making a comeback  ABC News

The world's oldest alcoholic drink makes a comeback and it's gluten free — made from fermented honey.

Upcoming events for Dec. 19  The Star

The annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count will be held Saturday, Dec. 22. Friends of the Greeneway invite birders of all ages and skill levels to participate by ...

Mammalian Analog for Royal Jelly Protein Found, and Could Revolutionize Stem Cell Science  Evolving Science

Royal jelly is of potential interest to researchers in the areas of regenerative medicine and science. This compound is secreted by honey bees (Apis mellifera) ...

Bees, brothels, monkey selfies  Prothom Alo English

A hive of honeybees in the heart of New York City, a monkey with a photographer's eye, a brothel full featuring robotic sex dolls and a political candidate who ...

How Humans Are Hurting Honeybees' Ability to Reproduce  National Geographic

From pesticides to land development to electromagnetic pollution, humans often harm the ability of honeybees to reproduce.

What “Bee Services” Can Different Temperate Lowland Ecosystems Really Provide?  Science Trends

The natural environment delivers many goods and services that human beings cannot manage without. Health, energy, and safety are just a few of the basic.

Exercising to lose weight? Don't bother, article asserts  NutraIngredients-usa.com

Exercise programs have many benefits, but helping participants to lose weight is not among them, according to a review article published in the journal of a ...

Hive vandalism kills thousands of honey bees in Iowa  USA TODAY

An Iowa farmer lost tens of thousands of bees and about 150 pounds of honey after vandals trashed his colonies with cinder blocks and bricks, leaving the ...

The 2018 Farm Bill: What You Need to Know  AgWeb

The following summary of the Commodity Title of the 2018 Farm Bill was created by the office of House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (R-Tx.).

Sweet success as first honey is harvested from red zone  Stuff.co.nz

The Christchurch red zone's flowers and fruit trees help bees produce their best honey.

The Healing Power Of Honey-Based Skincare  Refinery29

While some skincare ingredients are created in chemistry labs, others are probably hiding at the back of your kitchen cupboard. Case in point: honey. Not just ...

Walker's Magic, Lamb's Game Winner Drive Charlotte Past Pistons | Charlotte Hornets  Hornets.com

GALLERY: Photo Gallery | Fashion | Honey Bees VIDEOS: Team Highlights | Lamb Highlights | James Borrego | Jeremy Lamb | Marvin Williams | Willy ...

What’s Happening to Honey Bees?  Growing Produce

There's a harmonious relationship between fruit and nut crops and honey bees. The fruit and nut industry depends on these pollinators. Honey bees are ...

Health Department, SWCD partner for healthier community  Daily Sentinel

RUTLAND — “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”To that famous quotation, by the late.

Pressure mounting for the home of wild coffee and Ethiopian wolves  Mongabay.com

GOBA, Ethiopia — Abdul Mohamed has an unenviable job. He's a park ranger tasked with protecting Harenna Forest in southern Ethiopia from illegalbe ...

Honeybees, in decline for decades, finding new homes in unusual places  New York Post

The yellow and black pollinator is being welcomed into unusual places like Delta across the country – all to combat the drastic decline in honeybee populations ...

Honeybee Protein May Help To Keep Stem Cells Youthful  Anti Aging News

The protein causes cells to remain pluripotent meaning they can become any cell within the body under conditions that trigger development into specialized ...

Eau Claire woman named Wisconsin Honey Queen | Country-life-news  Leader-Telegram

Sydnie Paulsrud of Eau Claire was selected as the 2019 Wisconsin Honey Queen during the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association annual convention in late ...

A mushroom vaccine could save the honey bees  Grist

A new study gives declining bee populations and the people trying to save them new hope.

Top maker of TCM products under 'recycled honey' probe  The Straits Times

The world's largest producer of traditional Chinese medicinal (TCM) products, Tong Ren Tang, is in hot water after an investigative TV programme found that ...

Tennessee 'bee whisperer' removes 35,000 honey bees from brick wall  Fox News

A bee removal expert in Tennessee is making quite the buzz after extracting an estimated 35000 honey bees from a brick wall.

Coral Springs area events into 2019  Sun Sentinel

This calendar includes events taking place in Coral Springs, Parkland, Margate and surrounding areas.

Is the Key to Saving Pollinators … Honey Bee Semen?  Smithsonian.com

In the hopes of preserving their genetic diversity, entomologists are collecting and freezing this valuable fluid.

Honeybees at risk from Zika pesticides  Science Daily

Up to 13 percent of US beekeepers are in danger of losing their colonies due to pesticides sprayed to contain the Zika virus, new research suggests.

Honey Bees May Fight Off Viruses With Help From Fungi - D-brief  Discover Magazine

New research suggests honey bees may be protected from devastating viruses by eating extracts derived from fungi.

Major TCM firm Tong Ren Tang under fire for alleged use of expired honey  The Straits Times

BEIJING - The world's largest producer of traditional Chinese medicinal products, Tong Ren Tang, is in hot water after an investigative TV programme found that ...

Here's how clumps of honeybees may survive blowing in the wind  Science News

Honeybees clumped on trees may adjust their positions to keep the cluster together when it's jostled by wind, a new study suggests.

Farm groups welcome passage of 2018 Farm Bill  California Farm Bureau

Praising the stability and expanded safety nets the 2018 Farm Bill will provide to U.S. farmers and ranchers, farm groups celebrated bipartisan passage of the ...

Honey Bee Health: Problems and Solutions  The Splendid Table

Bee researcher Bernardo Niño explains what a healthy honey bee colony looks like and takes us inside the research of a mysterious colony collapse disorder.

Do your part to protect honeybees  Farm Futures

Honey Bee Health Coalition develops BMPs for soybean growers to protect honeybees and calls for continued collaboration.

Countywide drought taking toll on honey bees  Waco Tribune-Herald

Hundreds of thousands of fuzzy, yellow and black striped residents of McLennan County packed up and moved this summer after the area experienced the worst ...

Glyphosate disrupts honey bee gut bacteria  Chemical & Engineering News

Glyphosate is among the most widely used agricultural chemicals in the world, and the companies that make it describe it as safer and more ...

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