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Gourmet Honey 580 889 6486

Honey Instead of Sugar

Substitute honey for sugar in any recipe.

Substitute honey for sugar in any recipeThere is a general equation for the use of honey instead of sugar. Follow the recipe as usual, but use 1/5 less liquid win using honey instead of sugar has honey is 20% water. For example, buy Gourmet Honey Nowif the recipe calls for a couple of male use only 4/5 cup of milk. Another practice, he is to use half honey and have sugar in the recipe. In any event, honey definitely improves the flavor of every recipe in which sugar is needed.

Ice cream can be used successfully in making ice cream. Or of course, use honey has an ice cream topping with nuts or any topping of your choice.

If you’re making a boiled icing or frosting for a cake and a tablespoon honey when it’s nearly ready to sprint in the frosting will not harden.


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