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Tupelo Honey Festival, World Famous Honey

Saturday, March 24th, 2007 10:07am

Tupelo Honey Festival reservations should be made NOW!

Tupelo is a honey made from a gum tree available in commercial volume in only one place in the world, North Florida, in and around the swamps and sloughs of the Apalachicola River Basin.buy Gourmet Honey Now

For over 100 years beekeepers have been harvesting tupelo honey from the drainages of the Apalachicola and Chipola rivers. Tupelo Honey Festival celebrates this long heritage, local endeavors and acknowledges that tupelo honey is one of the world’s finest honeys that does not crystallize, is sweeter than all honeys, (by lab verification) and sought after by gourmet honey tasters the world over. National attention focused on tupelo honey when Peter Fonda starred in the movie “Ulee’s Gold” that centered on a beekeeper of tupelo honey in the Wewa area. The Tupelo Honey Festival will feature this film’s highlights and you may buy the DVD on site.

The Tupelo Honey Festival may be a dying celebration, even though the demand for tupelo honey outstrips the supply, human encroachment, real estate developments, pesticides, dredging and river manipulations may permanently kill this only naturally wild stand of the tupelo trees that are in high enough concentrations to produce monofloral tupelo honey.

There is hope for this American cottage industry that gives effervescent pleasure to the world, attend the Tupelo Honey Festival, support the beekeepers, BUY TUPELO HONEY, email your congressman, and tell a friend about this lovely era of American history that needs to be preserved!

Combine Tupelo Honey Festival with a photographic tour of the near “Dead Lakes”, a national treasure for photographers.

The Annual Tupelo Honey Festival is held in Lake Alice Park, Wewahitchka, Florida, the 3rd Saturday in May each. Enjoy a Tupelo Honey Festival holiday where the children play, the cool breeze rustles through the canopy cathedral of Spanish moss draped Oaks.

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Jelly and Jam Recipe using Honey instead of Sugar

Sunday, February 25th, 2007 8:00am

Honey can be used in the making of jelly and jams by using half honey and have sugar in the usual proportions. If you are making gourmet jelly and jam then DO NOT USE any ole honey. Use a premium gourmet honey. Start as usual by boiling the fruit, but with a little less water than when using all sugar.buy Gourmet Honey Now Be sure to cook all the skins in cores until every bit of the jelly substance has been extracted. Now strain as usual. bring strained juice to a boil and boil for 10 minutes. Add the sugar and bring to a boiling point again. Then add the honey and cook until the jelly will set when tested.

Jams using Honey instead of Sugar

Crush the fruit slightly, allow three fourths cup of honey to a cup full of fruit. Add half the honey to the fruit. Stir well and allowed to stand for an hour. Then heat slowly stirring constantly. Boil for 10 minutes or until the fruit is soft. Then add the remainder on the honey, stir well, and cook until the jam was set when tested. Boil rapidly after adding the remainder of the honey.

If the fruit mix looks dry, use your discretion regarding adding a little water, consider the condition of the fruit and remember honey itself is 20% water.

We would love to have you share your favorite honey recipes, remedies and honey stories. Click the Comments button below and submit your recipe. Share this website with a friend!

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Honey History

Sunday, February 04th, 2007 1:35pm

Bees found in prehistoric amber show that honeybees have changed very little in a million 1/2 years. Although they have developed a stinger to defend themselves, they looked exactly then as they do now.buy Gourmet Honey Now

Honey is one of the oldest known foods to man. As a natural food honey is the only food that is made by an insect that is consumed my man. With all of man’s scientific engineering and advanced technology he has failed to be able to duplicate the honey that is made by a honeybee. As early as 7000 B.C. honeybees were included in the drawings of the Egyptian pharaoh tombs, containers of honey and bread were buried there. Complete animal and human mummies have been found in vessels completely filled with honey.

Honeybees arrived in America with the pilgrims in 1620. The Indians called the honeybees the “white man’s flies”. His cultivation of the lands increased, pollination of crops were needed to produce products in abundance. The honeybee today is responsible for billions of dollars of crops that are taken for granted from apple’s to cabbage. Without the honeybee to pollinate our crops, there would be a severe famine within 12 months.

Recently, the introduction of the Africanized honeybee has brought a new fear of the BEES in general. The Africanized honeybee looks no different than the Italian honeybee that has been used in America for hundreds of years. The Africanized bee is a hybrid between the bee from Africa and the Italian honeybee. Research on this hybrid was being done in South America, and an inspector accidentally took out a queen excluder that allowed a fertile hybrid to escape into the wild. The Africanized honeybee has migrated from South America to as far north as Kansas. All bees can only sting one time. In the process of stinging a pheromone is released, alerting the rest of the beehive of danger. The colony of bees stings in masses. Africanized bees are very aggressive. The Italian being is fairly docile. You cannot tell the difference between them with the naked eye. South Americans still harvest honey from Africanized bees.

Honey is the natural and unrefined, perfect sweet, rich in enzymes, minerals, vitamins and proteins. Honey has been used in natural remedies since the beginning of time. Most of the honey on the store shelf has been pasteurized to kill the essential enzymes that aid in digestion. Commercially sold honey has usually been blended with all many different varieties of honey that has been collected by the beekeeper.

Honey collected from one source of flower nectar, is called monofloral honey. Gourmet Honeys usually come from one flower source. These special honeys are sought after by people from all over the world because of the special care, given the honey by the beekeeper. The honey is collected before it is mixed with other flower source honeys and then bottled as pure as possible.

Gourmet honeys are usually not gathered in amounts large enough that they can be made commercially available and shipped to supermarket chains. Look for a beekeeper that advertises a gourmet honey gathered from his area. Compare this gourmet honey with the other gourmet honeys that claim to be the same from that general area. You will soon recognize the beekeepers that offer quality premium gourmet honeys.

Honey is still the only natural sweetener that is the safest to consume with the highest nutritional value.

Honey is the only food that includes all the basic nutrients to sustain life, including water.

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Tupelo Honey a Great Gourmet Taste

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 11:22am

Tupelo honey is very sweet, in high demand and one of the more expensive honeys to produce. So why ask for tupelo honey? Honey is honey right? Well soup is soup is soup by the same measure.buy Gourmet Honey Now NOT! There is every imaginable soup from broths to vegetables and even fruit soups. They taste as different as light shows on the spectrum, not even close. The one characteristic that most honeys have is that they are all sweet to some degree.

Tupelo has different levels of glucose 29.98% and fructose 44.03% than other honeys. These levels of sweetener cause the tupelo honey to crystallize after a much longer period of time IF ever.

The big reason to choose tupelo honey over any other table honey is always the taste! Many written words have been used to describe the taste of tupelo honey. The most often used description is “the taste of what you would expect flowers to smell like”. Enchanting but still not quite what tupelo honey tastes like. There is initial taste and a finish taste as the honey is enjoyed. Guess I still haven’t done this marvelous gourmet honey justice. Here is the idea of the day, you taste it and tell me how to describe it. Everyone that tries it have great reviews but have a hard time saying anything else beyond, “You gotta try it!”

tupelo honey, gourmet honey

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Honey for Tea, Coffee and Me

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 4:36pm

Honey was the sweetener of choice prior to refined sugar. Honey is natural and unrefined. In a raw, unpasteurized state, honey has beneficial enzymes, proteins and vitamins while still being lower in calories than refined sugar.buy Gourmet Honey Now

A choice gourmet honey has flavor in addition to being sweet. Squeeze bottles dispense the liquid sweetener for coffee and tea drinkers. Honey is slightly more inconvenient as it is a liquid, sticky and harder to clean up if there is a spill. The advantages are that it is lower in calories, all natural, and much healthier. Now honey comes as a dry powder with the same wonderful honey taste and the sweetener of choice for coffee and tee drinkers.

Another honey sweetener is creamed honey. Creamed honey is a process that causes the honey to crystallize into a creamed solid. In this state the honey is spooned into the tea or coffee with ease. Creamed honey is also a delicacy on toast, biscuits, muffins or bagels. This spread replaces butter and is all natural.

honey coffee,honey tea,gourmet honey

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Honey Butter

Thursday, January 25th, 2007 11:18am

Honey Butter Recipes:
Honey Butter is a pleasant surprise the first time you spread your hot dinner bread with what you think is “just butter”.buy Gourmet Honey Now From that moment on you want to make a meal of the hot rolls and honey butter. Many first timers can’t help but end their “first course” with “is there any more Honey Butter?”

The honey and butter amounts in these recipes will serve 6 to 8 adults. Any honey butter left over can be stored in a covered container for 2-3 weeks. Feel free to do a half recipe by dividing all ingredients in half. DO NOT USE MARGERINE.

Honey Butter Recipe :
½ cup butter
¼ cup of Mild Gourmet Honey (star thistle, clover, or other light colored honey)
Small pinch of salt

Blend butter and salt in processor or blender until softened. Add honey slowly. Prepare just before use or prepare and refrigerate. Be sure to allow plenty of time for honey butter to rest so it can be served at room temperature. Never use the microwave to warm honey butter. Honey butter is ideal on oven fresh bread, rolls and muffins. Morning bagels, English muffins or toast spring to life with honey butter.

Cinnamon Honey Butter

Cinnamon Honey Butter has become a popular twist of the original honey butter. This popular spread can easily be made at home with an even better taste than that of the restaurant.

Cinnamon Honey Butter Recipe :
½ cup sweet butter
1/3 cup Mild Gourmet Honey (star thistle, clover, or a light colored honey)
¾ teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
Very small pinch of salt (optional)

This Cinnamon Honey Butter has become popular all over the world. Your breakfast will be transformed into a taste of delight when highlighted with this refreshing new honey spread.

Orange Honey Butter

Orange Honey Butter is a Southern treat that has been well received in all regions that it has migrated to. The honey butter and orange taste combination is a proven culinary spread that delights every newbie.

Orange Honey Butter Recipe :
½ cup sweet butter (salted or unsalted)
1/3 cup Mild Gourmet Honey (star thistle, clover, or a light colored honey)
1/2 teaspoon grated orange zest (fine)
3 teaspoons orange juice concentrate
Very small dash of salt

If this recipe is not sweet enough, add more honey. Place in serving dish or mold and chill overnight. Great on biscuits and pancakes.

Tuscany Honey Butter

Tuscany Honey Butter is that taste of Italian flavor that combines herbs and honey for a delicious not too sweet spread for the dinner bread. This unique taste of Italy will become a favorite bread accoutrement.

Tuscany Honey Butter Recipe :
½ cup butter
¼ cup mild Gourmet Honey (star thistle, clover, or a light colored honey)
½ teaspoon dried rosemary
2 tablespoons finely minced sun dried tomatoes (The Dry ones! NOT the one marinated in oil.)
¼ teaspoon onion powder (Can use onion salt, if so delete pinch of salt)
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder (Can use garlic salt, if so delete pinch of salt)
Small pinch of salt

Combine Onion powder, garlic powder, salt dried rosemary and sun dried tomatoes in food processor and pulse until finely minced. Add room temperature butter and blend. Drizzle honey into mix and allow combining thoroughly. If Tuscany butter is too stiff, add a small amount of extra virgin olive oil to get smooth spreadabilty.

Gourmet honey, honey spreads and natural dessert toppings are alway the choice of the chef, after all it is ALL in the taste!

honey butter,gourmet honey,cinnamon honey butter

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Powdered Honey

Thursday, January 18th, 2007 5:23pm

Powdered honey is a gourmet honey product that has from 19% to 70% Pure honey as a base. The balance of the product is a stabilizer that is made of wheat, starches or sugars such as maltodextrin and fructose (that help the powdered honey to free flow). buy Gourmet Honey NowThe process of dehydration of the honey is “roller dried” , “spray dried” or “vacuum dried”. These processes eliminate the water that is in the honey and changes the properties of the honey from a liquid to that of a powder of the consistency of brown sugar. Powdered honey is also known as dehydrated or dried honey.

Powdered honey has the full honey flavor without the liquid sticky mess. Powdered honey is more stable than liquid honey. You may store powdered honey without crystallization issues. One of the advantages of powdered honey is the ability to mix with hot or cold liquids as a sweetener and is equally easy to blend in dry mixes and recipes. The best powdered honey, having 70% pure honey has the sweetness of cane sugar but the taste of honey.

This convenient taste of gourmet honey can now be used anywhere sugar would be used. The home, office, restaurant, school or camping all can use the dry honey and still enjoy the same liquid honey taste. Tea and coffee are the candidates of choice for dry gourmet honey. Do not overlook ice cream, cereal, marinades, cooking recipes and drinks, if it calls for sugar, you can substitute powdered honey.

Powdered honey is also used in alcoholic drinks, cosmetics, bakery items, health drinks and health powder recipes. A ratio of one to one is used for powdered honey where the recipe calls for sugar. Measuring is easier and clean up minimal when using powdered honey compared to liquid honey.

Liquid honey is a natural antiseptic and is used in open wound treatment. This history has led to the use of powdered honey in balms, salves, lotions, creams, soaps, facials, masks and scrubs by health professionals and laboratories.

Gourmet honey in the form of original liquid honey, creamed honey or powdered honey have a place in all dining spaces, from formal to leisure picnics.

powdered honey,honey,gourmet honey

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Whipped Honey, Creamed Honey, No Mess, Same Great Taste

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 4:01pm

Whipped Honey is all natural honey that has crystallized. This crystallized honey is a normal state that all honey eventually displays.buy Gourmet Honey Now Honey processors insert stainless steel whisks or beaters to stir the crystallized honey until the crystals are broken into very fine particles. Honey crystals can be as large as a dollar bill or as small as a pin point. The smallest crystal size is the most desirable.

Electric motors stirs the crystallized honey. In small applications a drill motor is used with a stainless steel paddle. The whipped honey is a light cream color and the consistency of peanut butter. This whipped, Creamed honey should be a non-liquid. When preparing to make whipped honey, the producers sometimes put “seed crystals” in the liquid honey to speed up the crystallization process.

Honey that crystallizes without the aid of electrical stirrers or seed honey is usually called granulated honey and has larger honey crystals. Whipped honey does not taste any different than the liquid honey but is easier to consume in the more solid state.

In many European countries and New Zealand, whipped honey is preferred to liquid honey and is more expensive. Whipped honey usually has air whipped into the honey. The honey is sold by net weight so the air is not a detriment to this gourmet delight.

Creamed honey, spun honey, granulated honey and whipped honey are so similar that only the professional could tell the difference in appearance. The texture can be the number one clue even to a novice if the whipped honey is from a very small crystal. The small crystal melts on your tongue almost immediately.

Should you desire to turn granulated honey into a liquid and preserve the enzymes of raw honey, place the honey in a glass jar, place the jar in warm water that does not exceed 140°. Do not overheat.

whipped honey,honey,creamed honey

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Creamed Honey Gourmet

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 2:44pm

Creamed Honey Gourmet

Dr E.J. Dyce a beekeeping professor at Cornell University patented the process that is recognized worldwide as the only true scientific creamed honey process in 1928.buy Gourmet Honey Now

Creamed honey is made with pure honey. By law pure honey is defined as having no additives. Pure honey is less than 19% water and only has evaporated flower nectar from the bee comb.

Creamed honey is made by adding very tiny honey crystals to fresh liquid gourmet honey. The honey crystal seed usually does not exceed 10 % of the mass. Honey crystals can be large to very tiny depending on the honey that it started to grow in. The smallest honey crystals are best so that you may create a very spreadable, smooth texture.

80% of all honey sold in New Zealand is creamed honey. 49% of honey consumed in England is creamed honey. Creamed honey is seen as easier to manage and less messy than liquid honey.

Flavors, spices and fruit have been added to creamed honey as an alternative to pure creamed honey. Some essence oils have been added to honey products to give fragrance. These oils are not recommended as the taste is objectionable and the oils are not produced for human consumption.

Gourmet yellow star thistle honey, raspberry honey, fireweed honey and blackberry honey make excellent creamed honey.

creamed honey,gourmet honey

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Starthistle Honey with Fruit and Cereal

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006 5:13pm

Gourmet Honey with Fruit and Cereal

Fruits as a dessert dish can be flavored with honey instead of sugar. Honey enhances the natural flavor of fresh fruits. Honey also aids in the prevention of fruit darkening once they have been cut. buy Gourmet Honey NowSubstitute a mild flavored honey for sugar on grapefruit halves, nectarines, raspberries, strawberries and peaches.

For a truly elegant dessert, try strawberries whole or sliced or blueberries, sweetened with mild flavored gourmet honey, such as star thistle honey, and served in a stemmed glassware. To intensify the flavor add a splash of almond liqueur and a pinch of fresh mint.

Hot cereal or cold cereal takes on a new exciting taste when honey is used instead of sugar. For a great combo, add fresh fruit and honey on your cereal. This healthy sweetener enhances the taste of everything it touches.

star thistle honey,gourmet honey

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You know in the past when you saw a bee, you'd start flapping your arms around and opening windows and shouting 'a bee, a bee!' as though a venomous ...

Get your own honey at Bees in the D fundraiser this Saturday  Fox 2 Detroit

DETROIT (FOX 2) - A little over three year ago, dozens of bee hives were placed around Detroit on vacant lots and rooftops. There are now more than 100 hives ...

The Latest Casualty of President Trump’s Budget Cuts? Honeybees  Observer

Bees are vanishing at an alarming rate. Not only that, but honeybees are being hit by the Trump administration's budget cuts. This week, the U.S. Department of ...

It Happens Here: Beverly Bees Focuses On Rescue, Rehabilitation  CBS Boston

BEVERLY (CBS) – It happens here in Beverly, a seaside community that claims to be the birthplace of the United States Navy. It was also the summer White ...

DEP Needs Stronger Pesticide Rule to Protect Bees  InsiderNJ

DEP Needs Stronger Pesticide Rule to Protect Bees. The New Jersey Sierra Club today sent comments to DEP recommending amendments to the Pesticide ...

Don't forget about the bees  Osakis Review

Editor's note: The following information was provided by the Todd County Soil and Water Conservation District. Birds and deer are often the objective as to why a ...

July 22, 2019 | Bill to reinstate Obama pesticide ban ignores science  Enter Stage Right

By Paul Driessen web posted July 22, 2019. The battle over neonicotinoid pesticides rages on. In response to one of many collusive sue-and-settle lawsuits ...

Bee Population in Russia Is Getting Down  Find Market Report

The leader of the Russian beekeepers' union, Arnold Butov, stated 20 areas had reported mass bee deaths. The affected areas include Bryansk and Kursk, ...

Some Atlanta chefs don’t have to go far to get hands on honey  Atlanta Journal Constitution

It's commonplace to see chefs dressed in white — white jackets, that is. But it's rare to watch culinarians zip up full-body white beekeeping suits with netted ...

Honeybees just had a record winter die-off  Big Think

Nearly 40 percent of bee colonies died last winter, the highest die-off reported to date. Sadly, this isn't an isolated incident: Bee populations have been ...

Netherlands: City of Utrecht turns 316 bus stops into 'bee stops'  FreshPlaza.com

FreshPlaza, portal for the *fresh* produce industry, offering the latest news, job advertisements, pricewatching, and photo reports.

This Buzzy Insect May Be the Secret to Growing the Best Blueberries  southernliving.com

Summertime yields some of the most glorious produce, and in the South, this bounty almost always includes an abundance of berries. In particular, the rabbiteye ...

Bee flu reaches Russia, heralds major global food crisis  Pravda

Europe loses 20 percent of bee colonies every year, and once can observe a similar trend in the USA and Asia.

'Pollinator-friendly' Carlton abuzz with events Saturday  Pine Journal

Shortly after the one-year anniversary of the city of Carlton earning its "pollinator-friendly" designation, the Oldenburg House is gearing up for Bee Friendly Day ...

When Research and Education Cross-Pollinate  UT News | The University of Texas at Austin

On a steamy morning in early July, education, research and *service* to community have converged on a single acre of land. On one side, joggers and cyclists ...

Climate change: Bees are disorientated by flowers' changing scents  SBS

One way in which climate change could affect pollination activity is through smell - altering the scent of plants, and thus the capacity of bees to recognise them ...

South Dakota beekeepers are helping bees stay alive  KCAU 9

S.D. (KCAU) — According to the USDA, the United States currently has 2.6 million honey-producing bee colonies. That many bees are producing more than a ...

The Liverpool bee whisperer who rescues the precious insects from the city's streets  Liverpool Echo

'If the bees die, then humans die,' says Barry, who coaxes bees to safety with nothing more than a folded t-shirt and a smoker.

What will happen if bees become extinct, and how to stop it  Stylist Magazine

What will happen to agriculture and urban landscapes if bees become extinct and how to help protect bees.

Hand Pollinating Squash for Higher Yields and Seed Saving  Mother Earth News

Photo by Pixabay/MabelAmber. Hand pollinating squash may be necessary when poor weather conditions mean there aren't many natural pollinators such as ...

There’s a buzz growing around backyard beekeeping in James City County  WTKR News 3

Recently the beekeeping community became all "a-buzz" after one of their fellow county keepers was forced to give up her coveted hives that she had nurtured ...

Why mason bees matter in your garden, plus the right way to make a mason bee house  LancasterOnline

When Dyan and Mark Eisenberger decided to make their garden in Columbia more pollinator-friendly, they started by removing nonnative plants. They planted ...

Brandt’s Bees celebrates, protects honey bees  The Hants Journal

By Paul Pickrem Things are buzzing at Brandt's Bees. Jane and Perry Brandt have been selling honey and other honey by-products for 11 years, made from ...

Region's snow-removal plan is called June | Yarns-of-yesteryear  Leader-Telegram

Hartland, Minn. Flip-flops flap. It's summer. The first day of summer has gone by and I haven't got any merry summer cards sent or a tree put up. Summer is when ...

Veteran Family Bee Farm  WJHG-TV

If you frequent local farmers markets you will probably spot a sign that says Register Family Farm. In this case, the family is full of veterans and the farm is a ...

TOTT - Siouxland Beekeepers @ the Plymouth Co. Fair  Siouxland News

The "Siouxland Beekeepers" group is hosting an educational exhibit at the Le Mars fairgrounds during the Plymouth Co. Fair, from July 24th - 28th. The exhibit is ...

Toni Magean's gardening column: 'Sharing with wildlife'  Times & Star

Another warm day in July and a few more tasks completed around the garden, then time to relax a little and enjoy the garden in a more peaceful way.…

Grab your camera: Ooltewah sunflower blooms peaking now  WRCB-TV

You can happily roam the sunflower fields at Smith-Perry Berries to take photos, pick flowers, or simply enjoy nature.

Bee Keeping class shows perks for farmers  WFXL FOX 31

Local farmers got a chance to learn how to help the environment and make more money Tuesday morning. The Southwest Georgia Project launched the ...

A Day in the Life of an Austin Beekeeper  Austin Monthly

As I zip up the thick suit, fear begins to set in. On the twenty-minute drive out to the farm, I hadn't dwelled much on the fact that I would soon be at the mercy of ...

On saving tomatoes and growing squash, there are lots of tidbits to know  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

I keep an ongoing electronic file of gardening articles I mean to get back to when I have the time. This week, I finally carved out some hours and found.

GlenStar's Newest Tenants: Honeybees  Bisnow

GlenStar Properties just installed beehives at two of its suburban properties as a sustainability measure.

Flowers can hear bees and it results in them producing sweeter nectar  Fourways Review

The world is filled with sounds and they play a role in living and surviving. Thinking about this caused Tel Aviv University researcher Lilach Hadany to wonder ...

Facilities Management removes beehive from Maxwell Museum  UNM Newsroom

For the second time in as many years, uninvited guests took up residence near the entrance to the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology on the campus of The ...

Creating a buzz: Israeli entrepreneurs aim to save the bees  Science Business

An Israeli company is developing sensor technology to monitor the ever-more-imperilled state of bees. Beekeepers began to report that hives were suffering ...

Huge swarm of bees filmed outside office in central London  Metro.co.uk

This massive swarm of bees was filmed resting on a metal pole outside a London office block. Several nervous pedestrians were seem trying to stay clear of the ...

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